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Pentax K20D Digital camera review | Introduction
Pentax K20D digital SLR camera : I have always had a soft spot for the Pentax K10D digital SLR. A beautiful and solid compact digital reflex camera, offering a superb quality, certainly when combined with the pancake lenses. Actually, it surprises me that I don't see the K10D in the streets a lot more often. In general, the reviews came up with very positive end conclusions. Perhaps its successor, the Pentax K20D, will succeed this now that the path to success is cleared by the K10D.

14 Megapixel Pentax K20D SLR camera
In many aspects the Pentax K20D is similar to its predecessor, yet offers considerably more. In the first place, there are more pixels, of course; the trend continues. With a resolution of 14 million pixels the K20D is ahead of its close competitors, the Canon EOS 40D and its allies. The image sensor is now a CMOS and has been developed in close cooperation with Samsung. The latter also manufactures the CMOS sensor and integrates it into the GX20, which is the twin brother of the Pentax K20D. The quality should remain the same thanks to minimizing the circuitry around each photo site, thus keeping the light-sensitive area of each pixel to the same size as other companies manage on 12 MP sensors. The PRIME processor found in the K10D is also present inside the Pentax K20D to convert the signal. Since a DDR2 memory is used, processing the image should be carried out faster.

Live View functionality on the Pentax K20D
Although not much seems to have changed on the outside, the back of the camera features a larger LCD monitor. The K20D is the first Pentax equipped with the Live View function in addition to the convenient preview the K10D already offers. A camera without Live View is hard to imagine these days. Funny how things work sometimes. Not so long ago, Live View on a DSLR was absolutely not done and to a photographer could almost be compared to swearing in church. Another function we find more and more often is the possibility to control the dynamic range. The Pentax K20D, too, has a function that lets you increase the range, in order to enable you to deal with high contrast situations.

Pentax K20D lens with calibration function
As always, Pentax allows you to keep using your old lenses. Although you might not be able to use the 11-point SAFOX VIII auto focus motor. To correct any flaws that may occur in the lens, Pentax integrated a calibration function. This function looks like the setting possibilities on the Canon and Nikon, yet takes things further. You can actually calibrate the lens, and this is something for which you would have to go to the importer when it comes to other brands. A unique possibility proving that Pentax takes things a step further. Studio photographers will be pleased to bits to find the flash unit connection on the K20D; something on which K10D users, unfortunately, miss out.

Shaking sensor occurs dust on Pentax K20D photos
Many items remained untouched. Such as support of RAW and the PEF format of Pentax themselves, as well as the more universal DNG format. Naturally in combination with JPEG. Moreover, the unusual shooting modes also remained, thankfully. Just like the shaking sensor, not only functioning as image stabilization but also as dust remover. Who wouldn't get annoyed finding dust on the picture? Pentax added a preview to the Pentax K20D that lets you check to see if there is dust visible somewhere on the picture. The preview is made at f/16. A good way to check if your sensor is still dust-free.

Pentax K20D review - Test in practise and technical DIWA test
At first sight not a lot seems to have changed, however, it still feels different when picking up the Pentax K20D. What exactly got changed and whether they form real changes, was tested by us over a longer period of time. Our findings can be read in the following Pentax K20D DSLR review.

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Pentax K20D | Digital Camera

  Pentax K20D
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