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Sony Cybershot DSC W170 Camera review | Storage and Energy
Whereas the main part of the competition adopts the Secure Digital card as standard storage medium, Sony stay with their own Memory Stick (MS). And at the moment it seems that this memory card, other than the xD Picture Card, does have a long life ahead of it, with high storage capacity possibilities. Many generations ago, the 'chewing gum bar', as its nickname soon became, was of quite a length. At the same time of decreasing its format to the Memory Stick Duo, the storage capacity increased so high data files such as high resolution pictures and High Definition video have also found their way to the small storage card.
Sony Cybershot DSC W170 | Digital Camera Sony Cybershot DSC W170 | Digital Camera
Memory Stick Duo memory card
The Sony Cybershot W170 is standard equipped with an internal memory, although it is too limited to really benefit from it. The card slot supporting the Memory Stick Duo format brings the solution thus offering sufficient storage capacity. The MS Duo memory card is available in various speeds. It is not of high importance to the Sony W170 since the camera won't really benefit from a faster card. Considering 10 Megapixels of resolution and the highest quality of compression I'd advise you to use a minimum of 1 - 2 GB.

Considering 2GB of storage capacity:
10 Megapixels - 3648x2736 pixels - JPEG - 496 pictures
8 Megapixels - 3648x2432 pixels - JPEG - 3:2 - 500 pictures
7 Megapixels - 3648x2056 pixels - JPEG - 16:9 - 526 pictures
5 Megapixels - 2592x1944 pixels - JPEG - 156 pictures
3 Megapixels - 2048x1536 pixels - JPEG - 2497 pictures
2 Megapixels - 1920x1080 pixels - JPEG - 16:9 - 2,018 pictures
VGA Resolution - 640x480 pixels - JPEG - 12,102 pictures

Video 640x480 pixels - 30 bps - Fine - 25 min 10 sec
Video 640x480 pixels - 17 bps - Standard - 1 h 30 min 50 sec
Video 320x240 pixels - 30 bps - Standard - 6 h 3 min 10 sec
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed connection
The Memory Stick Duo memory cards are available in various speeds. The advantage of a faster memory card is rapid data transfer providing the computer and the device reading the card are equipped with a fast USB 2.0 Hi-Speed connection. Or you can choose to purchase a card reader. This handy device needs to be connected to the USB port and is capable of reading a card and writing to it rapidly. The computer will recognize the device as an external hard drive. Additionally you will also save energy.

Sony NP-BG1 Lithium Ion battery
The Sony Cybershot W170 uses an NP-BG1 Lithium Ion battery. The battery is charged by an external charger which takes approximately 2 hours. According to CIPA standard, we can make approximately 390 pictures with a fully loaded battery. In practice these numbers are always somewhat less, since CIPA measurements are not equal to use in practice. We were able to make some 300 pictures before having to charge the battery again. This is an excellent result.
Sony Cybershot DSC W170 Sony Cybershot DSC W170
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