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Sony Cybershot DSC W170 Digital camera review | Introduction
Sony DSC-W170 digital camera review : The first quarter of a year tends to be the busiest period for most manufacturers, since many introductions are usually made at that specific time. In January, the first large consumer electronics show kicks off, the CES in Las Vegas; which generally forms the start of the first camera introductions. In 2008, the PMA was held right after the CES show, leading to a genuine flood of new compact and DSLR cameras. So did Sony, and the Sony Cybershot DSC-W170 belongs to the first series of this year. The Sony W170 is a model of the W-series; models that aim at a straightforward operation, yet, are equipped with the latest innovative techniques.

10 Megapixel resolution Sony CyberShot DSC-W170
The Sony Cybershot W170 is equipped with a 10 Megapixels CCD sensor, making it one of the highest resolution W-cameras, except for the W300 which features 13 Megapixels. This keeps Sony at pace with the rest of the manufacturers that have dived into the continuing Megapixel race. And yet there is hardly any noticeable advantage to these types of high resolution sensors. For those keen on figures; the following comparison with a 10 Megapixel Sony Alpha might be of interest to you. Pro ratio, there are approximately 35 million pixels on one square cm of the W170's sensor, whereas the Sony Alpha 300 has 2.7 million pixels. Both cameras offer 10 Megapixels of image resolution.

Sony DSC W170 digital compact camera
This comparison clearly shows how the size of the pixel of a Cybershot W170 fits on the image sensor. It is obviously no match for that of an average DSLR sensor. The Sony Cybershot DSC-170 aims at a totally different target group; a target group less demanding and more attracted to the ease of a compact camera. The Sony DSC-W170 is a convenient compact camera, that you will carry around carefree in your inner or trouser pocket. It's not as flat as the models of the T-series, but it will do fine.

Sony W170 review - Test in practise & Technical test
We had the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W170 in the office for a short period of time to put it through the test. In addition, the camera has been extensively tested in our DIWA Lab, managed by Kai Thon, Test manager of DIWA Awards. The technical tests carried out in the lab are standardized so that every measurement is made in exactly the same circumstances. The technical tests and our test in practice offer an exclusive full image of the Sony Cybershot W170. Our findings can be read in the following Sony Cybershot DSC W170 review.

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Sony Cybershot DSC W170 | Digital Camera

  Sony Cybershot DSC W170
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