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Canon EOS 1000D Camera review | Control
For those who are already acquainted with the EOS DSLR or a Canon compact camera, the Canon EOS 100D will not give much problems as far as operation goes. Of course, you will have to leaf through the manual for certain functions but the base is straightforward. In fact, Canon are using a familiar concept and does not deviate from the tradition. The green box for the auto mode is found quickly, the shutter release feels trustworthy beneath your finger and you're ready to shoot. The structure of the buttons is great and logical, which makes this first acquaintance a pleasant one.
Canon EOS 1000D | Digital Camera Canon EOS 1000D | Digital Camera
Automatic image sensor cleaning
Upon activating the Canon 1000D, the image sensor is automatically cleaned. A process that is negligible if expressed in time, however, if you want to take that one quick moment immediately, you can press the shutter release button after activating the camera, which will stop the cleaning and give priority to capturing that quick moment. On the back of the monitor, settings such as ISO, aperture, exposure compensation, light metering and many more are displayed. The background is black with large white pictograms and characters, which is very pleasant to look at.

Canon EOS 1000D with Live View
A digital SLR without Live View is no longer a DSLR. This is, of course, nonsense, but you'd almost think so if you look at the amount of Live View-supporting digital SLR cameras that are launched around us. And it looks like Live View could make a huge leap forward when the first Micro Four Thirds system cameras will be introduced. It seems that the period prior to the Photokina 2008 or during the event itself, may be the best timing. The Canon EOS 1000D also features Live View which works quite pleasantly in practice. The excellent monitor offers superb reproduction and for most situations, it is the perfect replacement for the optical viewfinder. Also very convenient is that Live View lets you zoom in 10x which enables you to check the focus very precisely. That makes Live View perfectly capable of manually focussing on the subject. Focussing with use of AF is enabled through Quick Mode and Live Mode. In Quick Mode, the mirror is folded down for an instant, so the auto focus sensors are able to focus fast. Obviously, the monitor will turn dark for a moment. In Live Mode focus is carried out on the image sensor, which works somewhat slower and is, in fact only useful when you work with a tripod. It is pleasant to work with.

Canon EOS 1000D SLR
Response time of the Canon 1000D
Live View is truly in the spotlight lately, and offers a surplus value. Personally, I prefer Live View in those situations when it is difficult to use the viewfinder. The large viewing angle of an LCD monitor will let you make that one picture. The Canon EOS 1000D, without Live View activated, works extremely comfortably in practice. The camera responds swiftly and even with the cheap lens kit it works accurately and fast. The response time of the camera is swift and you won't encounter any limits. There is one exception, though and that is when you work with RAW format. The speed will then be reduced by 40%. Instead of 3 fps, it becomes 1.5 fps with a maximum of 5 in a series instead of 514 at JPEG (Large/Fine). This makes the Canon EOS 1000D unsuitable for action photography for the sports photographer, but it has to be said Canon never claimed otherwise to begin with.

Canon EOS 1000D menu
For Canon veterans the menu of this camera will appear to be familiar. The relaxed colours and various tabs in the form of pictograms are extremely clear. The menu is easily accessible and fast navigation is enabled. It is also possible to set the camera to your own preferences by accessing the personal settings in the menu. Additionally, you can program various functions of the camera differently in order to make the camera respond to your preference. For an entry level DSLR model, the Canon EOS 1000D offers an exceptionally full program. As for operation, it is straightforward although the creative photographer will also be served.

1000D Canon
Canon EOS 1000D Canon EOS 1000D
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