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Canon EOS 1000D Digital camera review | Introduction
Canon EOS 1000D digital SLR camera review : With the introduction of the new EOS 1000D, Canon move into the 'thousand' series for the first time, that is: with digital SLR cameras. If you can still picture the analogue EOS SLR cameras, you will probably recall the entry level EOS 5000 model. Canon follow the same strategy for the digital EOS, and seem to have opened the door completely in order to ensure that the D-SLR camera can become a reality for every consumer. It is quite obvious that the Canon EOS 1000D is meant to be the first one in a new series of future models.

Canon EOS 1000D entry-level DSLR
Although it may seem as if Canon are forcing a breakthrough similar to that of 2003; when they did so splendidly with the introduction of the EOS 300D, the tables seemed to have turned somewhat. The competition has not been resting over the past few years, and various bodies have appeared on the market with comparable specifications to Canon's showpiece of the entry level DSLRs segment. In addition, slightly stripped-down bodies started to appear, which were able to conquer a market share thanks to their sharp price as a marketing weapon. The Canon EOS 1000D has to consolidate Canon’s grip on the entry level segment, whilst at the same time making sure not to undermine the position of the EOS 450. Therefore, it is a deliberate move.

Canon EOS 1000D features
The Canon EOS 1000D has a small size and features a 10 Megapixel sensor, a 2.5 inch sized monitor, 7 points auto focus and Live View with contrast as well as phase detection. Our first acquaintance with the camera was accompanied by comparable sayings. Notably; the Canon 1000D looks exactly like an EOS 450D and; the EOS 1000D is the offspring of the EOS 400D. Whatever you say; the Canon EOS 1000D is a most interesting camera for the beginning DSLR photographer, and at this time and moment it is Canon's answer to the competition in a time where the digital SLR camera is blooming.

Canon 1000D review; test in practise & Technical DIWA test
Prior to the Photokina 2008, which will be held in Cologne, Germany and can't be missed by a single photo enthusiast, the Canon EOS 1000D stands at the cradle of a new generation of EOS cameras. At least, that is the expectation of many of us. Built around the famous DIGIC III processor, the new EOS DSLR is supposed to fully engage in battle with the current assortment of the competition, and with what it still to come in the near future. An extremely interesting time for us and for the photography enthusiast. We had the Canon EOS 1000D in the office for a short period of time to examine it thoroughly. Additionally, the EOS 1000D has been carefully tested in our DIWA Lab. Both results led to the extensive review that you can read about this Canon EOS 1000D.

10000D Canon EOS

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Canon EOS 1000D preview

"With the introduction of the Canon 1000D, Canon create room and offer the consumer a full digital SLR with an appealing price tag. Looking at the EOS 1000D, you could come to the conclusion that it is a stripped down version of the EOS 450D, because as a camera the Canon EOS 1000D leans closely towards its 'predecessor' the EOS 400D and the actual model; the EOS 450D."

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Canon EOS 1000D | Digital Camera

  Canon EOS 1000D
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