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Sony Cybershot DSC T300 Camera review | Control
At first, you have to try and find your way on the Sony Cybershot T300, due to the cut down on buttons, or rather; you have to get used to it. To a different way of operating the camera and frequently touching the large screen with your finger. The dual button on top of the camera shows the camera and play modes. In fact, you don't really need the camera mode, since sliding down the large slide on the front of the camera has the same function of activating the camera. All attention goes to the large monitor of the Sony T300, while this is the control centre of this camera.
Sony Cybershot DSC T300 | Digital Camera Sony Cybershot DSC T300 | Digital Camera
Sony T300 menu settings
Once the monitor has been activated, a beautiful size reproduction is displayed with various pictograms around the screen. Hereafter, it is a matter of tapping your finger on the desired pictogram and the function behind the symbol will be activated. At first I had to search for the logic in the menu structure and its navigation, however, if you take a few minutes to focus on it, it will become clear. It is different and you completely have to rely on the T300's monitor. Tapping it with your finger has its advantages; it works rather direct, however; Sony has opted to make you confirm a selected function or setting which leads to double actions in my opinion. Nevertheless, I can imagine that this step in between is necessary while not everybody has a refined reaction and chances are that a wrong choice will be made by unwillingly selecting the wrong symbol.

Optical image stabilizer SuperSteady Shot
A 5x optical zoom in combination with a compact size camera could suffer from a higher motion blur due to hand-shake. Certainly with telephoto pictures the risk is high, while the enlargement factor increases likewise. It seems obvious and normal that currently most cameras have been equipped with a stabilisation system, yet not so long ago this was considered to be a luxury. And even nowadays a new camera with no more than a digital stabilizer on board occasionally manages to slip through the mazes.

Sony CyberShot
Higher ISO to obtain a faster shutter speed, accompanied by more noise is not the solution, or only a poor one. The stabilisation system of the Sony T300 is an optical one named SuperSteady Shot. The optical stabilizer doesn't require a higher ISO value which increases the chance to sharpness of the picture and the improved noise quality has a surplus value.

Main settings of the CyberShot T300
The menu of the camera offers a main menu that is accessible through HOME, after which you can select from a number of main settings such as: Record, Play, Multimedia, Print, Memory and Setup. In addition to the HOME menu there are settings MENU and DISPLAY at which the various settings of the Play and Record settings can be refined. There are in fact different pathways that lead to the same function. The structure in itself is very logical. The built-in GUIDE function does not offer much help other than just repeating the selected setting or function. If you deactivate the GUIDE, you can navigate faster through the menu.

Disadvantages of a touchscreen
The disadvantage of working with a touchscreen is that you are distracted from the photographic moment you're about to capture and it takes more time to activate certain functions or to change the settings. After all, you can only rely on the monitor, no quick buttons or dedicated buttons whatsoever are available.

T300 Sony CyberShot
Sony Cybershot DSC T300 Sony Cybershot DSC T300
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