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Sony Cybershot DSC T300 Camera review | Camera
In general, compact cameras like the Sony Cybershot T300 are made for their ease. Compact in size, as flat as possible as to not leave a bulge in your trouser or shirt pocket, and where possible as light weighted as can be. The compact size does not always apply to a compact camera, for example the Megazoom cameras, and these are therefore often called hybrid cameras. The Sony T300 settles for two out of three of these criteria, for its size is still rather considerable, namely some 179 grams (operable).
Sony Cybershot DSC T300 | Digital Camera Sony Cybershot DSC T300 | Digital Camera
Sony CyberShot T300 camera design
The Lithium Ion battery is not the cause of this weight, nor is the feather light Memory Stick Duo format memory card. Which leaves us to think it's the housing of the camera itself. The camera feels extremely solid and the material used (metal in this case) immediately gives you the feeling you're dealing with a solid and durable camera. Since there is no real handgrip on the camera, and the material is quite smooth on top of the rectangular and flat size, you have to hold the camera consciously in your hand.

Internal optical zoom lens
The front side of the Sony DSC-T300 is completely covered by a metal slide that entirely covers the zoom lens and the flash. A nice design and functional at the same time, since the lens is sufficiently protected this way. Pushing the slide down, activates the camera and the aforementioned parts become visible. The camera features a so-called internal optical zoom lens, as a result of which the lens does not extend when zooming in. The lens is not that bright with a minimum opening of f/3.5 at wide angle and f/4.4 at telephoto. The total range is 5x optical zoom which is the equivalent of 33-165mm (35 mm camera). In between the lens and the built-in flash an AF assist lamp is positioned.

Zooming with the Sony DSC-T300
On top of the Sony T300 simplicity rules. An on/off switch, with right next to it a play button, and a shutter release button further down to the corner of the camera, sums up all the buttons there are. A small catch placed entirely at the corner serves as zoom button. Zooming is rather slow, around 3 seconds from wide angle to telephoto, however, it is a very precise zoom. Approximately 50 steps from 33-165mm is strikingly precise. The bottom of the camera offers a metal universal tripod mount and beside it, the compartment for the battery and memory card. A USB interface is hidden behind a somewhat feeble cover.
Sony T300 features a 3.5" touchscreen LCD
The back of the Sony Cybershot T300 is even more remarkable than its front. An ultra-large monitor without even one button describes the back. If you consider the 2.5 inch sized screens too small, you will definitely appreciate the T300. An unrivalled size of 3.5 inch screen entirely covers the back. And this could only be made possible by bidding 'superfluous' buttons farewell and relying on the touchscreen technique. It's a completely different way of operation; you either love it or hate it.

Beautifully designed digital compact camera
The Sony Cybershot DSC T300 is a beautifully designed camera, one that stands out from the crowd by its striking style. The housing is finished solidly and feels that way too. If you have to describe the Sony T300; a designer camera with a trendy operation would be a fitting description.

CyberShot T300
Sony Cybershot DSC T300 Sony Cybershot DSC T300
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