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Sony Cybershot DSC T300 Digital camera review | Introduction
Sony T300 digital camera review : At the beginning of this year, around the time the CES show in Las Vegas took place, Sony introduced a number of new Cybershot compact cameras, among which the beautifully designed Sony Cybershot DSC-T300. Sony have built a long history around the digital camera; one that can generally be considered a success. Their broad line of cameras always contains a special and remarkable model which classifies Sony to be a leader. The Sony T300 has a one of a kind design with which the camera distinguishes itself from the crowd.

Sony CyberShot and Alpha digital cameras
Sony entered the digital SLR camera market in 2006 with a clear sign of aiming to conquer a vast part of this camera market. In addition to focussing on the amateur market, Sony is also focussing on the hobbyist, and recently even on the professional photographer. The professional full-frame SLR is not yet available, however, the new model has already been spotted on various occasions on world events as a dummy. And if you hadn’t looked at it this way yet, you will probably be convinced by now that Sony is an all-round camera manufacturer with promises for the future, also in the field of compact cameras.

Design of the Sony DSC-T300 camera
The Sony Cybershot T300 is a typical camera for a target group that has already had many models designed for them; the amateur that wants a small portable camera and who is also fashion-conscious. The extremely large LCD monitor of an incredible 3.5 inch diameter attracts all the attention. That is all the back of the T300 exists of: the monitor; no room is left to place buttons. The front is protected by a large slide hiding an optical zoom lens. An extraordinary design!

Sony T300 review : Test in practise and Technical DIWA test
The Sony Cybershot DSC-T300 has been available for a while now, which means it's high time to put the camera through extensive testing. In addition to the test in practice, during which many pictures are made, the camera is also tested extensively in our DIWA Lab. In the DIWA Lab, the Sony Cybershot T300 is tested with standardized testing methods offering an extensive test reportage with a large amount of test data. We had the Sony T300 in-house for a short period of time. Our findings can be read in the following Sony Cybershot T300 review.

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Sony Cybershot DSC T300 | Digital Camera

  Sony Cybershot DSC T300
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