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Olympus E520 Camera review | Conclusion
Olympus E-520 digitalSLR camera
The Olympus E-520 seems a logical continuation of the E-510. The year is over, so a new type number will attract the attention to the brand again. However, saying just that would not do the Olympus E-520 justice. This DSLR camera closes the front that Olympus started when the Olympus E-3 was introduced. The fact that the Olympus E-520 is quite similar to the E-3 was revealed mainly through technical tests. Naturally, the E-3 aims at a different target group and its application possibilities are multiple; as far as the technical aspects the Olympus E-520, and that of its smaller brother the E-420, are concerned, they prove well-matched to the techniques of the top model of the Olympus stable. And that is a huge compliment for the E-520.

Image quality of the Olympus E-520 has been improved
If you look solely at the camera's specifications, you might want to classify the E-520 as a minor update of the E-510. However, in addition to the number of features that have been added, for example, improvement of Live View or the application of the Shadow Adjustment technology, the image sensor and, with it, the image quality have been improved tremendously. Especially the signal/noise ratio and the dynamic range benefit from this, two important columns for the image quality. This qualifies the E-520 not only for the DSLR compact camera user who wants to upgrade; also for the owner of an E-510. He will instantly notice the improved quality of the Olympus E-520.

Olympus E-520 is an excellent dSLR camera
Olympus are well on their way with their current DSLR assortment as far as quality is concerned. Depending on whether Olympus still know how to reach the consumer, and if the prior advantages of the FourThirds system still apply to the current market. Anyhow, if you sail with a DSLR like the E-520, you cannot go wrong and you will experience a lot of joy in DSLR photography. It simply is a perfect camera.

E-520 delivered with 14-42 mm ZUIKO Digital kit lens
Are there no comments at all? Well; yes and no. Just looking at the camera, the system is fine and the camera offers great image quality. However; there still seems to be room for improvement if we compare the camera to some competing DSLR models. What comes to mind then, is the signal/noise ratio where the high ISO values could in fact be improved somewhat. Besides that, you have to count with chromatic aberration in combination with the kit lens. Olympus, on the other hand, offer an extensive assortment of lenses, so there are still some options left!

Olympus E-520 SLR camera : Recommended !
Olympus offer a nice and convenient assortment of DSLR cameras. Innovative is the word for the Olympus E-520, and where possible, this camera has been improved on essential points. Therefore, we really do like this camera; it is a beautiful tool to perform DSLR photography on quite a high level. The competition in the segment of the E520, is strong, offered features are numerous and it makes it more and more difficult for the consumer to make a choice. The image quality of the Olympus E-520 is solid as a rock, leaving no other option than to go to the closest dealer and make your acquaintance with this camera. How that will work out, is up to you, we have been convinced already! A recommendable camera!

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Olympus E520 | Digital Camera


Olympus E520
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