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Olympus E520 Camera review | Control
The Olympus E-520 is a full system camera with all that a camera should offer. A digital SLR that you do not set to auto mode in order to then engage in DSLR photography. And it are these extensive functions and possibilities that offer the enthusiastic photographer an enhanced tool to work with creatively. Still; an enhanced system camera like this doesn't have to be too complicated in relation to operation, on the contrary even; the operation is kept extremely simple, partly thanks to the large monitor on the back of the camera displaying the setting possibilities in a very well-organized way.
Olympus E520 | Digital Camera Olympus E520 | Digital Camera
Olympus E520 met Super Sonic Wave Filter (SSWF)
Just as is the case with its predecessor, the SSWF (Super Sonic Wave Filter, anti-dust system) is activated as soon as the camera is turned on. The time this procedure takes is marginal and does not obstruct capturing fast action moments if you have to activate the camera first. And as a bonus, dust-free pictures are virtually guaranteed, which you will highly appreciate. Most certainly when you return from a long holiday in a foreign country and you print these beautiful holiday shots. If you'd have to first correct a number of GBs to free them from dust, the pleasures of DSLR photography will soon disappear. If the Olympus E520 goes into sleep mode, it takes approximately half a second to wake the camera up again.

The viewfinder of the Olympus E-520 dSLR
Whereas the viewfinder of the E-510 was already a considerable improvement compared to what we saw before on a FourThirds camera, the viewfinder of the Olympus E-520 has been improved even further and proves pleasant to work with. Although it still does not reach the level of a viewfinder of a Nikon camera, for example the D80, in practice you are not likely to be comparing these. On the right of the viewfinder, relevant information is displayed such as aperture and shutter speed, and those who want total control over all data, are able to see or retrieve the information he/she needs on the monitor in one glance. This type of reproduction is something that occurs in the latest generation of cameras and is used more and more often lately, which is a fine development. In practice, working with the monitor is extremely pleasant and direct.

Olympus E-520 body
Olympus E-520 offers three focus points
The Olympus E-520 has three focus points, and that is rather scarce compared to what the competition is offering nowadays. Just as is the case with the E-510, these focus points are all found cluttered in the centre. You will have to rotate the camera more often to be able to correctly focus an object that is not precisely in the centre. If you activate the Live View mode, TTL contrast detection offers some eleven focus points. This part of Live View has been improved compared to its predecessor.

Image speed of the Olympus E520 has been increased
As far as speed is concerned, the Olympus R&D department has managed to squeeze just that little extra out of it; the image speed has been increased from 3 to 3.5 frames per second. Not too impressive, although sufficient for most users. And with 8 RAW pictures in the buffer, a small improvement was made here too. If you are not looking for a camera for real action sports photography, you will not push the limits too soon.

Olympus SLR
Olympus E520 Olympus E520
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