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Olympus SP 570 UZ Camera review | Conclusion
Olympus SP-570 UZ Megazoom digital camera
Where the Megazoom camera proved good for 10x optical zoom a few years ago, the Olympus SP-570 UZ doubles this range. The compact size remained untouched and the amount of pixels increased, as expected. The concept is solid as a rock and has already proven its worth in practice. Still, we have to make a side note about the evolution the SP series of Olympus is undergoing. Because it’s not all improvements that this evolution brings.

Olympus SP-570 UZ offers 20x optical zoom
The large optical range is very appealing and the compact size makes the Olympus SP-570 a real all-round digital camera. The beginning photographer will find it easy to start working with the camera and those who want to shoot more than just a snapshot will also find the Olympus SP-570 UZ an excellent tool. Even the professional photographer will appreciate the ease and will take into account that it is a consumer camera with it limits, compared to his/her system camera. No doubt that the Olympus SP-570 UZ is a successful camera as far as concept is concerned.

Performance of the Olympus lens
Still there are some lesser sides to the camera, and I refer to the signal/noise ratio in particular, as well as the lens performance. The lab tests are clear; ISO up to and including 400 is fine to reasonable in use but the remaining ISO values show visible noise and even annoying noise at ISO 1600. Unfortunately it is here that the camera shows its weaker side. As far as distortion is concerned the lens keeps up well, an excellent performance. However, looking at the chromatic aberration, it's a different case. In wide angle as well as telephoto mode, the lens suffers from it. A phenomenon its predecessor the SP-560 UZ also suffered from.

Frame speed of the Olympus SP-570UZ
The ease of the large optical zoom range with a pleasant wide angle of 26mm and a powerful telephoto still stands. The stabilization technique works sufficiently so you really benefit from the powerful range. The frame speed of more than 7 pictures per second at 5 Megapixel of resolution, and even the 13.5 fps at 3 Megapixels, ensures the camera is excellent for action photography. The pleasant operation and the clever ergonomics guarantees an enjoyable photography experience with the Olympus SP-570 UZ. The energy-saving character ensures long time shooting and with the cheap energy source, an extra set of batteries is within reach for everybody.

Olympus SP570 UZ - A successful Megazoom camera
The Olympus SP-570 UZ is a mature digital Megazoom camera with many setting possibilities. The camera has all-round features and will certainly also appeal to the more enhanced photographer. The concept is well thought-out and is supported by the experiences of several camera generations. Still Olympus seem to have reached their limits with what's possible at the present in relation to lens and high resolution, and I must admit that the concessions made in relation to the lens and signal/noise ratio are asking just a tad too much. From tests it turned out that a lot of improvements can be made still in this area, and due to this the Olympus SP-570 UZ does not belong to the best performing Megazoom models. If you accept these concessions, the Olympus SP-570 will offer you a lot of photographic fun and creative photography. If, however, you demand more from a camera, you will have to look for a competing model or wait for an eventual next generation.

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Olympus SP 570 UZ | Digital Camera


Olympus SP 570 UZ
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