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Olympus SP 570 UZ Camera review | Control
The Olympus SP570 UZ is multifunctional and therefore suitable for all-round use. And that's not a word too many. The great thing is that you as a digital layman are able to do well with this camera. It might be a matter of looking for the correct way to operate the optical zoom lens, but other than that, the AUTO mode works wonders. Getting back to the operation of the optical zoom: Olympus removed the standard zoom buttons and created a rubber ring around the lens for zooming. Turning the ring to the left or to the right makes zooming in or out happen. That’s as far as theory goes, in practice you'll need time to get used to this method. When you turn slowly, nothing seems to happen until you speed up this movement which translates into a direct zoom command at which, as a result, you zoom too hastily. As said earlier: it takes time to get used to but with a bit of practice you will quickly learn how to frame precisely.
Olympus SP 570 UZ | Digital Camera Olympus SP 570 UZ | Digital Camera
Command dial of the Olympus SP-570 UZ
If you're looking for a camera that offers creative settings such as P/S/A/M besides auto settings, the Olympus SP-570UZ is the right camera for you. The top side of the camera offers direct access to the creative modes via a large sized setting dial. If you want to use shutter or aperture priority, you can decide the values via the screen and the command dial. Completely manual operation is also possible, but in my opinion the majority of the users will not go for that option. Focussing can be carried out manually or automatically, at your own preference. The manual focus needs some practice; first you have to zoom in for the correct composition, you have turn the focus button to MF, and next you have to use the left and right button of the multifunctional button to focus. This procedure is facilitated by displaying a largely enhanced crop of the composition on the monitor, on which you can then focus manually.

SP-570 UZ Olympus

SCN setting of the Olympus SP-570 UZ
If you prefer to rely on camera techniques, you can eat your fill with the SCN setting. SNC consists of a large collection of preset scenes; each of them with their own unique feature. The following scenes are standard available; landscape, portrait and action, and if you scroll on, you will find settings like document mode, at which the contrast between the letters and the background is enlarged or Auction mode, in which 3 pictures are made sequentially with different exposures and with a low resolution. The most striking scene of the collection is smile shot, at which the camera waits until the object smiles and makes the picture at that exact moment. The built-in software keeps on getting more intelligent and effective.
Olympus SP-570UZ equipped with MyMode
The Olympus SP-570 UZ Megazoom camera offers many settings which might lead to taking up a fair share of time in practice before you're back to your favourite or most optimal setting. To save you from losing time and having to resort to endless searches; the Olympus SP570 is equipped with a so-called MyMode function. If you have worked with an Olympus camera before, you will probably recognize this function. The camera has 4 favourite settings to store four personal preferences which are directly accessible via the setting dial on top of the camera.

Olympus SP-570UZ with built-in stabilizer
The Olympus SP570 UZ is a handy camera to carry around, and very friendly in use. The method of precise zooming does require some time to get used to and I would rather have the traditional zoom buttons back. The built-in stabilizer is a welcoming addition and can hardly be missed at such large optical zoom capacities. Activating the camera takes a bit of time, a small four seconds, but once activated you can work fast with the camera. The Olympus SP-570 UZ is easy accessible as far as operation is concerned. Perhaps the enhanced user will miss quick buttons, for example for the white balance and ISO settings.

Oly SP-570 UZ
Olympus SP 570 UZ Olympus SP 570 UZ
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