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Olympus SP 570 UZ Camera review | Camera
The Olympus SP-570 UZ has a compact size and a somewhat sturdy body. At least; that's what it looks like because of its proportions. You would not suspect a 20x optical zoom lens in a camera this size. Well done, technical department! The dimensions of 4.66 x 3.3 x 3.44 inches and the camera's weight of 445 grams (without memory card and batteries) are sufficiently compact to carry the Olympus SP-570 UZ frequently with you in a small pouch. The weight is considerable for this type of compact camera; it does however add to a pleasant hand-fit. The Olympus SP-570UZ is carried out in plastic and has a nice rough feel to it. The handgrip is clearly present and ensures a comfortable hand-fit. The buttons are all placed within reach of both thumbs.
Olympus SP 570 UZ | Digital Camera Olympus SP 570 UZ | Digital Camera
Olympus SP-570 UZ Lens
The front of the Olympus SP-570 UZ seems to solely exist of the impressive lens the camera features. The lens is neatly in pace with what you'd expect from this type of lens with a bright of f/2.8-f4.9. To the right from the lens, a microphone is placed, and to the left a small LED for the self-timer / AF assist light. On the lens two buttons are found, one for the focus function (manual and auto focus) and one for the continuous mode. Around the lens, a large rubber ring is placed to operate the optical zoom. A separate lens cover ensures necessary protection and is attached to the housing to prevent it from getting lost.

Olympus SP-570UZ offers 20x optical zoom
You'd expect someone who has a 20x optical zoom at his disposal to be satisfied and be able to capture an object with ease. Unless you have paparazzi ambitions, then you'd like to have some more zoom to reap glory. In that case, Olympus offer the possibility to enhance the focal length of 520 mm to an impressive 884 mm with the aid of an adapter (CLA-10) and teleconverter (TCON-17). This makes the Olympus SP-570 UZ a truly versatile and all-round applicable camera.

Olympus SP-570 Memory & Battery compartment
The handgrip of the Olympus 570UZ features a memory compartment. It's quite understandable why Olympus chose to support the xD Picture card, however; personally I would have preferred the SD/SDHC format. xD Picture does not seem able to enhance its market share and with Fujifilm flirting with the SD format, Olympus seem to lose their only ally fast. For now, however, Olympus support the xD, which offers a maximum storage capacity of 2GB. At the bottom of the handgrip, behind a well-closing cover, the battery compartment is found with room for four AA sized batteries. Furthermore, a universal metal tripod connection is found here, as well as a small loud speaker.

Olympus SP-570 UZ with hot shoe
On top of the camera a hot shoe is positioned supporting the powerful FL-36R and FL-50R flash units. It might seem more flash than camera when a unit is attached to it but a set like this is a powerful combination for indoor photography. The hot shoe is nicely covered with a lid that I always seem to lose. I wish some manufacturer would come up with a solution for this. Next to the built-in flash, on the right side, the on/off switch is placed, with above it a large size setting dial with the main programs. The dial can be turned to the right as well as to the left and every function gives an audible and obvious click.
Less high than previous, but still very present is the command dial that lets you select settings among other things. The shutter release button is positioned on the front of the handgrip of which the top part goes slanting downward.

2.7" LCD screen of the Olympus SP-570UZ
The 2.7 inch sized screen offers a perfect size to enable checking the captured pictures or to share them with others. Right above the screen the electronic viewfinder is placed with an almost 100% coverage. In addition, the viewfinder features a dioptre setting so that viewing through the viewfinder without glasses is also enabled. Left of the monitor some four buttons are found in a vertical line and to the right of the screen, the well-known multifunctional button is placed with options for macro and flash functions, and it serves to navigate through the menu.

Olympus SP-570 UZ has excellent handgrip
As far as design is concerned, the Olympus SP0570 UZ does not surprise us, as it is similar to its predecessor. And it's not that a lot of adjustments are necessary since the concept has proven itself for generations. The camera lies pleasantly in your hand and feels solid, in both larger as well as smaller hands which is obviously thanks to the excellent handgrip.

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Olympus SP 570 UZ Olympus SP 570 UZ
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