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Olympus E420 Camera review | Storage and Energy
Like its predecessor, the Olympus E-420 supports two formats of storage media. Olympus’ proper xD Picture card is still too dear to say goodbye to. Besides that there is the possibility of using the CompactFlash as memory card. I wonder how long we will still see xD picture cards pass by. Now that Fujifilm also supports SD and SDHC cards, it seems that the xD card's market share shrinks every day. SD and SDHC have reached the 32GB capacity by now whilst xD is still stuck on 2GB. In any case, the CF card is the solution. With the support of the CompactFlash storage, capacity can't be a problem.
Olympus E420 | Digital Camera Olympus E420 | Digital Camera
Olympus E420 storage capacity
10 Megapixel is an average resolution and may be looked upon as a standard; the file size is growing considerably also due to the low compression factor Olympus use. The JPEG quality of Olympus is fine thanks to the small data loss (compression 1/2.7) and an excellent algorithm. If you choose the highest JPEG quality, you can count on a 6.8MB file. A storage capacity of 2 to 4GB seems the average storage capacity then, certainly when shooting during holidays. If you go for RAW, you should count on 11MB per picture!

Shoot 8 RAW images sequentially
The Olympus E-420 is capable of shooting 8 RAW pictures sequentially in a little over 2 seconds, which comes down to 3.5 fps. Hereafter the speed drops to around 1 fps until a memory card is full. Writing the RAW pictures to a card (measured after the last RAW picture in a sequence of 8) it takes approximately six seconds. The test was carried out with a SanDisk 2GB Extreme III CompactFlash card.

Olympus E-420 offers USB 2.0 support
Like its predecessor, the E-410, the Olympus E-420 features a fast USB 2.0 interface; a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed. Taking into consideration the file size and the amount of pictures being transferred to a computer or notebook, a fast USB 2.0 Hi-Speed is almost a necessity. In any case for those who find speed a must in their digital work environment. In addition you can make use of a fast Extreme FireWire reader of USB 2.0 Hi-Speed card reader by SanDisk, providing this fast connection is available on your pc or notebook.

Olympus PS-BLS-1 Lithium Ion battery
The PS-BLS1 Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 7.2V 1150mAh is also used for the Olympus E-420. Olympus have shown to have the energy consumption nicely under control, and this new DSLR model also benefits from this. The Li-Ion battery is inserted in the bottom of the camera and is neatly covered by a small, oblong lid. The battery should be kept small since the camera is very compact too. The battery has a strong concept and lasts for about 500 pictures.
Olympus E420 Olympus E420
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