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Olympus E420 Digital camera review | Introduction
Olympus E-420 digital SLR camera review : Although we just experienced a hectic period with many introductions, Olympus introduced, rather unexpectedly, their new digital SLR sibling; the Olympus E-420. The latest Olympus E-420 is clearly based on the E-410 that was introduced last year, but has undergone some obvious changes when it comes to the inner parts of the camera. Almost immediately after the introduction, we received a full production model in combination with the standard ZUIKO Digital zoom lens (14-42mm) and a beautiful super compact lens, the 25mm pancake f/2.8 lens.

Olympus E-420 vs E-410 DSLR
Even though the Olympus E-420 may look similar to its predecessor; a number of subtle changes can still be noted. A few symbols have been added to the housing, and the previously green-coloured symbols are now blue. In addition, the small handgrip now features a clearly perceptible edge which should give the camera a more stable hand-fit. And last but not least, the LCD monitor on the back of the camera has been enlarged from 2.5 to 2.7 inch.

Olympus Digital 25mm f/2.8 Pancake lens
If you were to go by the changes visible on the outside, you'd come to the conclusion that the E-420 has been introduced solely for marketing reasons, considering it has only been a year since the predecessor was put on the market. There is more to it than this though; the main changes have been carried out to the inside of the camera. I will come back to this later in this review. In addition to the new Olympus E-420, a unique lens is also introduced. The Olympus Digital 25mm f/2.8 is a so-called pancake lens. Whereas it was mainly Pentax that used to rule over these lenses, Olympus seem to have keenly joined in exploring this niche market.

Olympus E420 SLR kit review
The Olympus E-420, the kit lens 14-42mm and the new 25mm pancake lens form an interesting DSLR set. Extremely compact and light, and an extraordinary combination with the 25mm lens. The era of digital SLR cameras that were too heavy and big has long since passed. The ease of a lightweight DSLR camera is so obvious, that the prejudices against a 'too light body’ are easily forgotten. The Olympus E-420 is available from April. We had the Olympus E-420 dual kit in the office for a while in order to test the set thoroughly. Our findings can be read in the following Olympus E-420 D-SLR review.

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Olympus E-420

"The appearance of the Olympus E-420 SLR camera is not that much striking, since we are already acquainted with the E-410 as an ultra-compact DSLR and the Olympus E420 is comparable. However, Olympus have carried out some rigorous internal changes that lift in particular the image quality to a high level."

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Olympus E420 | Digital Camera

  Olympus E420
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