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Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ5 Camera review | Control
The dimensions of the Panasonic TZ5 are compact and the weight is perfect to ensure you can always carry the camera around with you. In combination with the large optical zoom range, it makes this Panasonic TZ5 the ideal all-round digital compact camera. Although the Travel Zoom concept is not new, and the Panasonic Lumix TZ5 is the 4th generation already, I consider this model to be one of the most interesting wide angle Megazoom cameras at this time and moment. The ease of being able to capture a moment from a large distance is a pleasant way of photographing. The image stabilization proved itself in practice and adds greatly to the image quality and the ease of shooting.
Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ5 | Digital Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ5 | Digital Camera
Clear and simple operation
The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 is a camera made for easy shooting and it gets use out of a fully automatic operation. As a user you have a broad choice. If it is simply auto mode or putting emphasis on a certain object and thus selecting a Scene setting; the operation is straightforward for both options. The results and the settings are clearly displayed on the large sized monitor that is of high quality. The monitor allows you perfectly to check the captured images on sharpness and quality. The 3-inch size of the monitor is a great help. In addition; the size adds to the menu. The menu structure is clear and easy to navigate through. The so-called Q-menu function is very convenient. A bar with setting possibilities will appear at the top of the monitor, which lets you navigate. Every setting will offer a vertical menu that pops down with which you can adjust a setting.

SCN mode of the Panasonic TZ5
The Panasonic Lumix TZ5 does not offer changing the aperture and shutter speed. It's just not the camera for it. For this, Panasonic offer an additional series in their assortment: the LX series. If you want to photograph in a creative way, you should use SCN mode. The command dial on top of the camera shows an SCN1 and SCN2 with which two frequently used settings are being linked to the button which allows for direct activating. Panasonic are famous for their wide array of preset scenes. Upon selecting a certain scene, the camera will automatically select the optimum exposure for a certain situation.

Lumix TZ5 with Intelligent Auto mode
Striking is the removal of the so-called simple mode, which used to be visible in the form of a red heart on the command dial. Panasonic have replaced it with the iA mode, or Intelligent Auto mode.
This is, in fact, a more advanced version of the simple mode at which an important function such as Auto Scene recognition is integrated. Besides that, ISO, exposure, continuous AF and the optical image stabilizer are automatically activated and / or processed. This advanced auto mode is extremely pleasant to work with in practice. It comes down to the fact that this setting makes the camera work automatically all-round. Again; a nice proof of extremely intelligent software inside a compact camera.

Panasonic TZ-5
Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ5 Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ5
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