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Canon EOS 450D Camera review | Storage and Energy
Canon stuck to the CompactFlash memory card for the smallest camera for a long time. That way it was easy to outgrow an entry-level model and purchase a more expensive model. Or if you wanted to use the entry-level as second camera. For the Canon EOS 450D, Canon switched to the Secure Digital/SDHC memory card. A logical step. Many users will swap from a compact camera to a D-SLR and will already have one or two SD format memory cards in their possession. More striking is the new battery Canon introduced with this camera, which doesn't happen on a regular base.
Canon EOS 450D | Digital Camera Canon EOS 450D | Digital Camera
Canon EOS 450D - Large files
The Canon EOS 450D digital SLR camera has a resolution of 12 Megapixels resulting in large files. There is a possibility for storing the files in a smaller format, with less resolution or a lesser quality but I would not advice this. You can decrease the size at all times, but increasing always results in a less beautiful picture. You have enough choices for file formats. If you shoot in RAW and JPEG at the same time, you will always obtain the largest JPEG but I don't have a problem with that. All it does is fill up your memory.

Canon 450D with SD & SDHC support
The buffer of the Canon 450D can hold 6 RAW images or 53 JPEGs in the highest quality. This is sufficient and you'd have to do your utmost to reach the limits. Especially because the pictures are transferred to the memory card very quickly. Thankfully the Canon EOS 450D allows for using a memory card with a high capacity. The Canon supports the SDHC format so storage capacities of more than 2 GB are also possible. You will certainly need it when you shoot a lot in the highest quality. The table below shows how many pictures will fit on a 2GB card, which is advisable.

Considering 2GB of storage capacity
4272 x 2848 pixels - RAW - 15.3MB - 120 pictures
4272 x 2848 pixels - RAW+JPEG - 15.3 + 4,3MB - 99 pictures
4272 x 2848 pixels - JPEG - Large - Fine - 4.3MB - 460 pictures
4272 x 2848 pixels - JPEG - Large - Normal - 2.2MB - 880 pictures
3088 x 2056 pixels - JPEG - Medium - Fine - 2.5MB - 770 pictures
3088 x 2056 pixels - JPEG - Medium - Normal - 1.3MB - 1470 pictures
2256 x 1504 pixels - JPEG - Small - Fine - 1.6MB - 1190 pictures
2256 x 1504 pixels - JPEG - Small - Normal - 0.8MB - 2290 pictures

Canon EOS 450D - USB 2.0 Hi-Speed connection
The advantage of a faster memory card such as a SanDisk Extreme IV, is rapid data transfer providing the computer and the device reading the card are equipped with a fast USB 2.0 Hi-Speed connection. This should be no problem with the latest generation of notebooks and computers. There is even a rumour spreading that an even faster USB version is in the pipeline, but before this becomes a standard, a lot of water will have floated under the bridge.
Canon EOS 450D - Card reader
If there is no fast Hi-Speed USB connection available, or if you want to keep photographing with a new card whilst someone else edits the pictures or transfers these; you can choose to purchase a card reader. This handy device needs to be connected to the USB port and is capable of reading a card and writing to it rapidly. The computer will recognize the device as an external hard drive. Additionally you will also save energy.

Canon EOS 450D with LP-E5 Lithium Ion battery
Canon developed an entirely new battery for the Canon EOS 450D; the LP-E5. This 7.4V Lithium Ion battery with a capacity of 1080mAh is capable of taking some 500 pictures according to CIPA standard. This is if you don't use Live View. If you shoot with Live View activated, you can take 190 pictures with a fully loaded battery. And that is, of course, a lot less. It's advisable to carefully consider whether or not you will need a second battery. Make sure to also keep holiday situations in mind, where it is not always possible to recharge the battery.

Canon 450 D
Canon EOS 450D Canon EOS 450D
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