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Digital Camera Specifications

Sony Alpha 350 Camera review | Camera
Except for the vari-angle LCD monitor on the back, the Sony Alpha A350 looks a lot like the A200. It is a compactly built D-SLR. The camera has a perfect hand-fit, thanks to its large and steady handgrip. The camera also feels solid. It doesn't feel like you're holding a cheap DLSR camera in your hands. I wouldn't call the Sony A350 heavy, not even when the relatively large Carl Zeiss lens is mounted on the camera. The trend of manageable DSLR cameras goes on and there's no stopping it. I think it is an excellent process.
Sony Alpha 350 | Digital Camera Sony Alpha 350 | Digital Camera
Sony A350 Camera operation
If you are familiar with other Sony models and Konica Minolta models, the removal of the command dial at the top right will attract your attention. The button on the left allows you to adjust various exposure programs. The settings that you were used to select with the dial before, you will now select with separate buttons or the Fn-button. This may take time to get used to, but certainly adds to the ease of use.

2.7" Folding LCD monitor
Standing out on the back is the LCD monitor that can be folded out. You can fold the LCD up or down, which prevents you from acrobatic moves in order to get a bird or frog perspective. The monitor might be somewhat on the small side with its 2.7 inch compared to the 3 inch monitors that are common nowadays, but the extra functionality of this one certainly makes up for that. Especially because the LCD offers a high resolution which gives you a beautiful image when zooming in. Sony have put a lot of effort into the design and functionality of the LCD monitor, which adds a real surplus value.

Sony LCD
Super Steady Shot image stabilization & Viewfinder
The buttons on the back are well-structured and clear. The image stabilization button takes up a special spot. I don’t think there will be many situations in which you do not want to use the Super Steady Shot. I had it activated continuously. Above the LCD the ocular is found, with below it a sensor that detects whether or not your eye is in front of it. If it is, the LCD monitor is deactivated. This distracted me too much during shooting so I turned the eye sensor off. The field of view of the viewfinder is clear and offers an abundance of information. When for example you press the image speed or the ISO button, you can see in the viewfinder what's happening. Nice to see that Sony have put emphasis on the viewfinder's design!

Sony Alpha 350 compact SLR camera
As far as body is concerned, the Sony Alpha 350 digital SLR camera has a compact build. And although the camera is not the most compact one, its size is pleasant, and allows you to carry the camera around with you. This is something that might get underestimated at times, yet could be a reason to leave the camera at home instead of taking it along. The stability is great and if there is a risk of movement blur in handheld pictures due to the small weight or the small size of the camera, the excellent Super Steady Shot corrects this automatically.

Alpha DSLR
Sony Alpha 350 Sony Alpha 350
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