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Olympus E-3 Camera review | Camera
When you place the E-3 side by side to its predecessor, one notices the E-3's more traditional design immediately. The prism house is placed in the centre again; the Olympus E-3 looks a lot more like a normal DSLR than the E-1. Certainly with the optional grip attached to it, the E-3 looks like a big professional camera. People will be impressed.
Olympus E-3 | Digital Camera Olympus E-3 | Digital Camera
Olympus E3 Robust d-SLR camera
The Olympus E3 has a perfect hand-fit, thanks to the large handgrip. You fingers will fall onto the release button and the front commend dial automatically. You'll also feel the strong build of the camera; it's a robust camera that you can and will rely on. The front carries a white dot that stands out; this is the external white balance meter. These kinds of meters pop up now and again, like we've seen on the first Canon models and the Nikon D2x.

Olympus E-3 Display on top of the camera
Unlike the E-410 and the E-510, the Olympus E-3 carries a display on the top of the camera that shows the main settings. Next to the display there are some buttons positioned for adjusting white balance, the exposure correction and the sensitivity. These are the main parameters and it is a good job they were placed on a prominent spot. On the other side of the prism house we find more buttons. They all have dual functions that can be changed with one of the two command dials.

Olympus E3 Tilting LCD display
The majority of the buttons however is found on the back of the camera, neatly organized. Most striking of course is the 2.5 inch LCD monitor. Not because of its size because it is quite average if not to say small for nowadays standards but it has a quite unique feature. You can tilt and shift the monitor into all directions. Making a picture from a low or high level is a piece of cake; no more putting your back in a twist or making acrobatic tours to try and capture your object. The vari-angle monitor also comes in handy when viewing the captured pictures; you can set it into a position that will enable you to still watch the pictures in bright sunlight.

Olympus E3 Optical viewfinder
The viewfinder has surprised me for its size and brightness. It is remarkable that is it not until 2007 manufacturers are paying attention to offering a decent viewfinder. The information is rendered at the bottom of the viewfinder and is very complete. You don't have to take your eye away from the viewfinder too often to change something. And it is very pleasant you can see exactly what you are capturing, precise framing is possible.
Olympus E-3 Camera accessories
The system is not complete with just a camera and a lens. Olympus offer a number of dedicated flash units that form a perfect combination with the Olympus E-3. You can also work with studio flash units through the PC connection on the front of the camera. Furthermore you can enhance the camera with a grip that has to be attached to the bottom of the camera. You can store two batteries or standard AA batteries in it. There is a groove in the grip where you can place the battery cover to prevent it from getting lost. Additionally the grip has a second shutter release button and some other buttons. A Wi-Fi module is not available, nor is a GPS connection.

Olympus E-3 Olympus E-3
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