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Canon EOS 300D Camera review | Conclusion
Canon EOS 300D - Break through SLR camera
The Canon is undoubtedly a break through on the field of the digital reflex camera. Only this time not concerning the innovations but the price, and even the price/quality relation. Canon has caused a true wave of ecstasy amongst the many Canon reflex lovers. Many have waited a long time for the price break through, the fact that Canon succeeded in this may be considered very special. Canon brings the digital version of an SLR camera closer to the consumer and watching the many positive reactions they got, they were successful. Only; the competing brands are waiting around the corner with their answer to the EOS 300D. Nikon will bring his new D70 on the market soon, a camera that will be competing as for price, but should also stand out as for specifications. The year 2004 is expected to be a promising year for the digital reflex. Canon is undoubtedly waiting for the answer of competing brands to parry the reaction straight away.

Canon 300D SLR - Restrictions
We mentioned it before: the Canon EOS 300D is an entry-level model digital reflex camera with lots of features from his big brother the EOS 10D. Personally I regret that the material used on the EOS 300D is detrimental to the quality feeling. The camera has a light weight but a light weight can also be combined with a different material which will then offer a more solid feeling which we will soon discover from new appearing reflex cameras from competing brands. The target group the camera is aimed at will certainly be full of praise about the camera and its performance. The more demanding photographer, who was hoping for a digital reflex as a bargain, might be disappointed about the restricted possibilities of the settings compared with the EOS 10D. From a system camera it is expected that the user can indulge one's creativity without being hindered by restrictions of the settings. It's a real pity Canon chooses the more restricted freedom as for exposure possibilities and AF automatic focus. On the other hand it is understandable because if these restrictions would disappear the EOS 300D would be too similar to the more expensive EOS 10D camera.

Canon 300D D-SLR - Excellent digital camera
It doesn't wipe out the fact that the EOS 300D is an excellent camera. However not free of mistakes the camera delivers an astonishing image quality. The user has or gets a camera with which photo realistic final results can be made without a problem. The light weight of the camera also adds to the convenience that Canon is admired for. The camera is very easy to operate. In fact we are talking about a camera with the friendliness of a compact but the quality of a reflex. The Canon EOS 300D is definitely recommendable for those who want a bit more than just photographing with a very small camera. The pleasure of a large optical viewfinder, the feeling to have more of a camera in one's hand, the freedom to change lenses and therefore being able to photograph in a versatile way, turn this EOS 300D into a very much wanted camera.

Canon EOS 300D Digital Reflex camera - Competition
Canon has got a real selling hit in his hands, the first user's reactions of the consumer are very positive. The leading position on the field of digital reflex lies steady in the hands of Canon; however, the opposition is ready to strike back!

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Canon EOS 300D | Digital Camera


Canon EOS 300D
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