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Canon EOS 300D Camera review | Storage and Energy
Just like most digital reflex systems, however the Secure Digital memory card is coming up, the EOS 300D also uses a CompactFlash memory card to store the images. The memory compartment is placed in the handgrip of the camera. The cover feels light and plastic like the housing. The camera supports CompactFlash type I as well as type II memory cards. In practice only few users will use a CF type II card, more chance to find a Microdrive format CF type II functioning as a storage medium. Personally I don't use the Microdrive, the vulnerability when dropping or bumping the card and the risk of loosing the data that comes with it, is unacceptable for me. The Canon EOS 300D supports FAT16 and FAT32 formats, so a CompactFlash with 4GB, recently introduced by SanDisk during the PMA in Las Vegas, can also be used as storage medium.
Canon EOS 300D | Digital Camera Canon EOS 300D | Digital Camera
Flash Memory Cards - Fast development
The Canon EOS 300D has an effective image resolution of 3072x2048 pixels (6.3 million pixels) which means a file size of approximately 3.5MB. And if you appreciate the RAW format you will meet a file size of 7-8MB. The prices of the memory cards have gone down a lot since last year and to be honest, an EOS 300D needs at least 512MB, or preferably 1GB of storage capacity to be able to also shoot away during holiday times. The developments of the memory cards proceed in an astonishing speed. We expect that the second half of this year will be used to announce memory cards with a storage capacity of no less than 20GB. It will take a while before these cards are common property but if we look back a year and a half and we compare this period with the current situation then we know that the realisation will only be a matter of time.

Considering 512MB storage capacity:
Resolution L+ 3072x2048 pixels - JPEG - 3.1MB - 152 images
Resolution L- 3072x2048 pixels - JPEG - 1.8MB - 260 images
Resolution M+ 2048x1360 pixels - JPEG - 1.8MB -260 images
Resolution M- 2048x1360 pixels - JPEG - 1.2MB - 404 images
Resolution S+ 1536x1024 pixels - JPEG - 1.4MB - 352 images
Resolution S- 1536x1024 pixels - JPEG - 0.9MB - 528 images
RAW and M+ 3072x2048 pixels - RAW+JPEG - 7.5MB - 64 images
CompactFlash - 2.5 images per second
The EOS 300D is capable of shooting 4 images one after the other at a speed of 2.5 images per second and in a resolution of 6 Megapixel JPEG. This bulk of data is directly guided to the buffer of the camera to be written to the CompactFlash memory card shortly afterwards. After a few seconds, app. 3 seconds, the camera is ready to accept a new wave of images. These are fine values for a camera in this price range, a fine performance!

Canon EOS 300D - BP-511 Lithium-Ion battery
The battery compartment is hidden in the handgrip of the camera. The employed battery is an acquaintance; it's the standard BP-511 Lithium-Ion battery (7.4V, 1100mAh). In itself it is an excellent choice because a tangle of different batteries is no benefit for the consumer. Consumers that want to step over from a PowerShot G3 or G5 can just take their batteries and use them in the EOS 300D. Considering the normal conditions in which the camera makes its images (standard lens 18-55mm, image review on, high JPEG resolution and a surroundings temperature of 20 degrees Celsius) is the amount of 400 images using 50% flash images, the average number of images that can be made when the battery is fully recharged. Without flash the amount increases to some 600 images. When the camera is taken along during winter sports, with an average temperature of app. 0 degrees Celsius, one should bear in mind that the amount of images is reduced to 350 with 50% of flash images and 450 images when no flash is used. The battery can be recharged with an also delivered battery charger in about 90 minutes.
Canon EOS 300D Canon EOS 300D
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