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Canon EOS 300D Digital camera review | Introduction
Canon EOS 300D digital camera review : Canon is doing well in the world of digital photography and maybe that is an understatement. The assortment of digital cameras built up by Canon over the past few years, is recognisable and has its own face. Names like Powershot and EOS are standing out and being recognised which is quite a performance in a sector that goes through many changes almost daily. Until the end of last year it was mainly the compact digital camera attracting the attention from the consumer, beside that a large group of consumers could only dream of a digital reflex camera, because the price tag showed some 2000 Euro.

Canon EOS 300D - Affordable digital reflex camera
But by the end of August Canon all of a sudden as if by magic made a digital reflex camera appear with a price tag that made us raise our eyebrows, and with us many of the industry. The price of a digital reflex became interesting overnight: Euro 1299, lens included! And not only that; Canon was also capable to supply the demands for the Canon EOS 300D. At least for the first few months, because at the end of 2003, beginning of 2004, the EOS became somewhat hard to get. The Canon 300D became a fact in 2003; it woke up the competing colleagues of Canon with a shock and might have speeded up the process of price reduction. Soon we will be able to admire the answer from Nikon; the new D70, which we will also put through our tests.

Canon EOS 300D - Development
The EOS 300D is the first affordable digital reflex camera from Canon. The experiences Canon had on this market served them well developing this new model. During The PMA show in 2000 the EOS D30 was introduced, also a breakthrough in price and performance at that time, followed by the D60 and very soon after that the EOS 10D. The EOS 10D is still a current model although he might suffer from the presence of his younger brother the EOS 300D.

Canon EOS 300D - Features
This model is equipped with a CMOS image sensor with an effective image resolution of 6.3 Megapixel (3062x2048) which is more than sufficient for the mayor part of the functions to be able to offer oversized enlargements. The Canon EOS 300D offers a lot of similar possibilities that the EOS 10D offers. Here and there the Canon 300D stays on the surface with the possibilities of his settings and Canon economised on the material of the housing to be able to keep the price down. Anyone owning lenses suitable for EOS analogue cameras can use them again in combination with the EOS 300D. Just like the EOS 10D one should count on a focal length multiplier of 1.6x.

Canon EOS 300D - Biggest hit
The EOS 300D is one of the biggest hits from the last six months and is the most reasonably priced digital reflex camera until now. But the competing brand, in the shape of the Nikon D70 is anxiously waiting around the corner, awakening high expectations!The following review is a reflection of what the Canon EOS 300D has to offer.

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Canon EOS 300D | Digital Camera

  Canon EOS 300D
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