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Nikon D300 Camera review | Storage and Energy
It goes without saying that the Nikon D300 uses CompactFlash memory cards for storing the pictures. This is almost the standard format for digital SLR cameras and professional photographers. The cards are available with the highest capacities. The Lithium-Ion battery is an old acquaintance; it is the same one as the one used for the D200. The battery can be recharged at any moment and thanks to the built-in intelligence at any moment one can view on the Nikon D300's monitor how much energy is still left, how many pictures were taken since the last time the battery was recharged and the overall condition of the battery. Offering additional intelligence.
Nikon D300 | Digital Camera Nikon D300 | Digital Camera
Nikon D300 CompactFlash memory
12 Megapixels will deliver large files. Certainly when shooting in NEF (RAW) the file size will increase quickly. A 12 bit NEF, non-compressed, takes up some 19.4MB and when compressed still 11.3MB. It means that you have to invest in memory cards. A 2GB card seems the minimum capacity to me, but a 4GB card will do better. In the table below you will find how many pictures fit on a 2GB card. For 4GB cards just multiply the figures by two.

Considering 2GB storage capacity
NEF - 12 bits - lossless compression - 4288x2848 - 13.6MB - 98 pictures
NEF - 14 bits - lossless compression - 4288x2848 - 16.7MB - 75 pictures
NEF - 12 bits - comprimized - 4288x2848 - 11.3MB - 135 pictures
NEF - 14 bits - comprimized - 4288x2848 - 14.2MB - 112 pictures
NEF - 12 bits - lossless compression - 4288x2848 - 19.4MB - 98 pictures
NEF - 14 bits - lossless compression - 4288x2848 - 13.6MB - 75 pictures
TIFF - Large - 4288x2848 pixels - 36.5MB - 52 pictures
TIFF - Medium - 3216x2136 pixels - 21.2MB - 93 pictures
TIFF - Small - 2144x1424 pixels - 10.2MB - 208 pictures
JPEG - Fine - Large - 4288x2848 pixels - 5.8MB - 276 pictures
JPEG - Fine - Medium - 3216x2136 pixels - 3.3MB - 488 pictures
JPEG - Fine - Small - 2144x1424 pixels - 1.5MB - 1000 pictures
JPEG - Normal - Large - 4288x2848 pixels - 2.9MB - 548 pictures
JPEG - Normal - Medium - 3216x2136 pixels - 1.6MB - 946 pictures
JPEG - Normal - Small - 2144x1424 pixels - 0.7MB - 2000 pictures
JPEG - Basic - Large - 4288x2848 pixels - 1,5 MB - 1000 pictures
JPEG - Basic - Medium - 3216x2136 pixels - 0,8 MB - 1800 pictures
JPEG - Basic - Small - 2144x1424 pixels - 0.4MB - 3900 pictures

SanDisk Extreme IV memory card
The new EXPEED processor is perfectly capable of processing the pictures very fast and the buffer of 21 lossless compressed NEF formats lets you carry on with ease. The pictures are written on the memory card speedily, especially when you use a fast memory card such as the SanDisk Extreme IV card. Pictures can be transferred directly from the camera to a computer or notebook through the fast USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface. This fast connection in combination with a fast memory card such as the SanDisk Extreme IV will ensure a workflow in the digital working environment without any delays.
SanDisk Extreme card reader
Those who don't want to use the camera for data transfer can choose a so-called card reader. A device like that cannot be missed in a digital working environment and makes transferring data more pleasant. The USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Extreme card reader of SanDisk is currently the fastest one (besides FireWire) and transfers data with a maximum speed of 20MB/sec.

Nikon D300 EN-EL3e battery
The battery of the D300 is the same one as its predecessor uses; the EN-EL3e. The battery features intelligent software so the condition of the battery can be read in the menu. You won't need a second battery. I have made many hundreds of pictures with one battery load. Only if you forget to recharge the battery it might be handy to carry a second one with you. You can also use eight AA Alkaline batteries or the EN-EL4(a) battery besides the EN-EL3e in the optional MB-D10. The EN-EL(4) increases the maximum image speed to 8 frames per second.

Nikon D300 SLR
Nikon D300 Nikon D300
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