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Sony Alpha 200 Camera review | Camera
The housing of the Sony Alpha 200 is compact, but it does not lessen the perfect hand-fit. The body has a strong handgrip which adds to the safe and easy-to-handle feeling. The front of the housing is still quite similar to the Alpha 100. Minor changes took place in the part where the internal flash is hiding by making it somewhat stiffer and also the part of the mount has become somewhat more angular instead of being round.
Sony Alpha 200 | Digital Camera Sony Alpha 200 | Digital Camera
Sony A200 digital SLR - Operation buttons
The main changes are found on the back of the Alpha 200. In the first place the larger monitor (2.7 instead of 2.5 inches) but even more so the buttons that have been added or removed or moved places like the Fn button. The multi-selector, carried out in black, fits in better with the housing and sticks out a tad from the surface. The interface for the remote has been moved to the side and has been replaced by the slide for the SuperSteady Shot function.

Alpha DSLR-A200

Sony Alpha A200 DSLR - Optical viewfinder
The optical viewfinder is similar to the one on the Alpha 100 as far as viewfinder magnification and field of view are concerned. Where photographers complained about the not too clear viewfinder view, the Alpha 200 seems to have improved vastly. The view is clear and the viewfinder is a joy to use. The sensor right beneath the viewfinder detects the face of the photographer and activates the AF system, while turning the large monitor off. The viewfinder itself offers an abundance of infor-mation such as focus, exposure compensation, AE lock, Flash status etc.

Sony Alpha 200 SLR - ISO button
The top side of the Sony A200 body definitely differs a lot from its predecessor. The large command dial on the right side has disappeared. The left command dial lets you change the main settings such as P/S/A/M and various preset scene modes.
The dedicated ISO button offers direct access to ISO settings that range up to 3200 ISO. Maybe these are minor changes when comparing the A200 with its predecessor, but in my opinion these changes are very much appropriate and enhance the user's ease.

Sony A200 D-SLR not equipped with Live View
As mentioned before, it is rather striking Sony did not apply Live View. Perhaps it is for a good reason Sony did not equip an entry-level model with it and maybe they are saving it for a model yet to come. Lacking of Live View is more or less compensated by the wider viewing angle of the LCD monitor. A pity this does not apply for holding the body over your head. The 'gap' between the Alpha 700 and the new Sony A200 is considerable in relation to the price which leads to speculations about another new Alpha model. But whether or not a new model will offer Live View, still remains to be seen.

Sony DSLR-A200 - High quality housing
The Sony Alpha 200 housing, looked upon from a quality point of view, is excellent. The material feels very solid which gives you the feeling you're dealing with a solid camera. You don't really get the feeling it is an entry-level model. The camera is nicely finished with a solid build and a perfect hand-fit; the ideal combination so far.

Alpha A200
Sony Alpha 200 Sony Alpha 200
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