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Nikon D60 Camera review | Adjustments
The title entry-level model does not relate to a lack of setting possibilities or functionality. On the contrary, the Nikon D60 offers a lot, certainly for those swapping from a compact to a DSLR camera. The difference is simply found in the way of how the possibilities are presented and the depth of them. You won't lack a thing; you can simply capture almost any object. It is amazing how DSLR manufacturers succeed in packaging high quality technology this simple and user-friendly.
Nikon D60 | Digital Camera Nikon D60 | Digital Camera
Nikon D60 D-SLR - Action photography
The speed at which the Nikon D60 works is very pleasant. After activating the camera you are able to make the first picture immediately and not only still images. Action photography with a maximum frame speed of 3 fps is fine and although 3 fps is nothing compared to the racing horses from the professional segment that achieve a speed of 11 fps, for this target group it suffices. The amount of focus points, 3 on the D60, could do with some additional ones. The AF speed is fast and accurate but a tad limited for tracking a fast moving object. An AF offering 9 AF points would be the solution. The majority of the target group will probably not even think about it though and the more advanced photographer will possibly look for a camera like the D80 or D300.

Nikon D60 kit

Nikon D60 SLR - ISO value
Besides speed, the quality of ISO value is important. And the D60 is fine as far as both are concerned. Did the D40x already achieve a high score; the Nikon D60 matches this easily. The sensor already proved itself on this field and from the test pictures it shows that an excellent quality is obtained up to and including ISO 800. Noise is not visible before you reach ISO 1600, but not in the amount we used to see years ago. 1600 ISO, providing it is well-exposed, can be used without a problem. I wouldn't even doubt about the ISO 3200 setting anymore. Certainly no doubts at all when it is a matter of being able to take the picture or not. You might want to edit the picture afterwards to get the most out of the high ISO picture, and the result is correspondingly.

Nikon D60 camera - Colour reproduction
Colour reproduction of the Nikon D60 is vivid and partly strongly saturated in the red and blue tones. This results in a more intensive colour which makes the picture stand out. We do find this often at digital (SLR) cameras and a large part of the consumers prefer a somewhat stronger colour reproduction to a neutral one. The auto white balance in general has no problem of balancing the light, only in fluorescent light reproduction tends to be on the warm side. Overexposing in one step improves the result but a better solution is to select the white balance manually. Of course it is easy to adjust white balance afterwards if you chose to shoot in RAW.
Nikon D60 - Retouch menu & Making a video
The Nikon D60 offers a separate retouch menu. When a picture is stored on the card you can access various retouch functions through the menu. It offers a lot of options and possibilities. Even editing a RAW format picture belongs to the possibilities. You can set the camera completely to your own preferences as far as colour reproduction is concerned. A new possibility is the option of making a video that quickly plays a number of JPEG images sequentially in a maximum resolution of 640x480 pixels and a maximum frame speed of 15 fps. I foresee further enhancement of possibilities and applications in the near future that will also appeal to the professional and advanced photographer. Intelligent software will undergo some more innovative developments in the coming years I think.

Nikon D60 - Active D-Lighting function
The pictures that are taken outdoors with the Nikon D60 have a warm colour balance but also a fine reproduction. The exposure does an excellent job and sometimes Active D-Lighting offers some additional very effective aid. You can also standard deactivate this function via the camera's menu. And a picture with high contrast sometimes asks for adjustment. The D60 has a tendency of setting the contrast a tad too high which bleaches the light areas in a picture. Again Active D-Lighting is a solution, very handy, but you could also decrease the contrast in the camera.

Nikon D60 body

Nikon D60 dSLR - Pleasant shooting!
The pictures made in practice with the Nikon D60 do not surprise me. After experiencing the D40 / D40x models the Nikon D60 is a logical follow-up with a just as logical quality. The additional functionality offers more ease and user-friendliness. The quality has already been convincing and the D60 is able to just line up. The Nikon D60 as an entry-level model offers convincing quality and pleasant shooting.
Nikon D60 Nikon D60
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