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Nikon D60 Camera review | Control
The Nikon D60 is a mature digital SLR camera but its main feature is targeting on ease of use. You can see it as Nikon's mission; a mission to help the potential D-SLR photographer in making his step to a DSLR camera as smooth as possible and let him take his past experiences with a simply operable compact camera into the present with a DSLR in his hands. It doesn't seem like a too complicated mission but the setting possibilities and application possibilities are a great deal more enhanced on a DSLR camera than on a compact camera.
Nikon D60 | Digital Camera Nikon D60 | Digital Camera
Nikon D60 SLR camera - HELP-function
Operating the Nikon D60 is pleasant and straightforward. The beginning SLR photographer will find a lot more functions on this SLR camera and perhaps too many possibilities, but still the operation is easy and comprehensible. Nikon makes the step from a compact camera to a Nikon D60 SLR camera uncomplicated. One important helpful feature on the Nikon D60 is the built-in HELP function. Keeping the HELP button pressed down will show information about the setting on the monitor.


Nikon D60 digital SLR - LCD screen
When activating the camera a large choice of languages appears on the monitor. It is very likely you'll find your favourite language between them which is just as easy. After setting time zone, summertime and correct date and time, the Nikon D60 can actually start working. The information given on the monitor is well-organized and has a beautiful colour. Partly in graphics and I keep being very satisfied with this way of presenting the necessary information. The 2.5 inch sized LCD monitor shows a lot of information which can be handy while shooting. Activating the menu gets you to the heart of the camera with loads of setting possibilities. The menu is structured according to the Nikon tradition; a vertical line with tabs and to the right the 'folded out' information.
Nikon D60 reflex camera - Anti-dust system
When the camera is deactivated and then activated again you will see the symbol for the anti-dust system appear. The sensor gets cleaned and is kept clean automatically, perfect! This system can also be adjusted at will. The enhanced menu will let you choose to carry out the anti-dust system when activating and deactivating the camera or only when activating or deactivating the camera. And of course it is possible to deactivate the system all together but I wouldn't know why you'd want to do that. There is no delay in operation with the system on. As soon as the shutter release is pressed the anti-dust system is overruled.

Nikon D60 DSLR - Focus points
The LCD monitor on the back of the Nikon D60 is of fine quality and offers a wide field of view. You can hold de D60 above your head, to the left or right from you, on knee height; the monitor remains clear. Live View is lacking on the Nikon D60. The Nikon D60 is a camera with a low entry level feature. The camera has a prompt response and is able to take the first image straight after activating the camera. The auto focus works fast and is very accurate. The AF of the D60 has been equipped with three focus points of which the centre one is the most sensitive one. In practice it works very fast and the only thing you could wish for is an enhanced AF module from the higher segment, but the Nikon D60 is not the camera for it. Well, one has to keep on wishing right?

Nikon D-60

Nikon digital SLR camera - Multi-selector
The back of the Nikon D60 is dominated by the 2.5 inch LCD monitor. Left of the monitor some four buttons are placed that you will use frequently in practice. On the right side the multi-selector is positioned with a button placed below it and above it. The back looks very neat and well-organized due to the lack of buttons. Just as is the case with the D40x, I do miss a dedicated button for example to adjust ISO and white balance. At first you think it will influence the speed of operating but pressing the i-button offers direct access to the overview on the monitor and the multi-selector lets you adjust the main settings directly.
Nikon D60 Nikon D60
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