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Olympus Mju 790 SW Camera review | Conclusion
Olympus Mju 790 SW digital compact camera
The Olympus Mju 790 SW is a handy camera to always carry with you. The camera's shockproof and waterproof features make the camera stand out from the crowd. When you are aware of these features you tend to use the camera in a casual manner. Place it on a table with the risk of it dropping? No problem. Put it in a glass of water just for fun, no problem either. The Olympus Mju 790 SW isn't likely to fail you!

Olympus Stylus 790 SW - Handy Guide function
But success needs a lot more than the above mentioned features. The compact camera should be user-friendly and easy to carry with you. And on these subjects the Mju 790 SW passes with flying colours. The menu is well-structured and offers fast navigation. The built-in Guide function is a blessing for those who haven't the faintest idea of photography or anything related to shooting. You just tell the camera the end result you want to obtain and the camera adjusts automatically, very handy!

Olympus 790 SW - Zoom & Image quality
Still there are some minus points after the extensive testing I did. The Olympus Mju 790 SW is scarcely equipped with a 3x optical zoom without wide angle mode. The competition uses a 3.6 and higher zoom factor, mostly starting from 28mm. For me, the lack of a good wide angle is unacceptable. It is not done nowadays. Also the strongly apparent signal/noise ratio when using ISO 400 and up is a pity. I cannot believe Olympus couldn't do better here.

Olympus 790 SW - Recommended for a specific target group
Looking at the Mju 790 SW overall performance we are satisfied. I can imagine that the Olympus Mju 790 SW will do perfect for an active target group. This group highly appreciates the typical features that distinguish the Mju 790SW from the competition. And to be honest, I can quite understand that. For me a compact camera means: ease, usefulness and effortlessly taking snapshots. The Olympus Mju 790 SW will take on this role without a problem. I would recommend the Olympus Mju 790 SW for this specific target group. If however you want to dive deeper into photography you might want to take a look at the SP560 that Olympus offer.

Olympus Mju 790 SW | Digital Camera


Olympus Mju 790 SW
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