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Olympus Mju 790 SW Camera review | Control
The Olympus Mju 790 SW is a sibling from the Olympus Mju family or in other words, a digital version of the world's most successful traditional compact cameras. Both design and simple operation were always equally important to the Mju. Target group of the Mju camera is the user who is a design lover and looking for ease and user-friendliness. The Olympus 790 SW added another feature upon its arrival; the solid and vigorous character of the camera. Thanks to its waterproof and shockproof design, the camera is very much suitable for shooting on the water or nearby it, during practicing extreme sports or for example a skiing holiday. The camera is fully automatic and that's what makes it a piece of cake to use the Mju 790SW.
Olympus Mju 790 SW | Digital Camera Olympus Mju 790 SW | Digital Camera
Olympus 790 SW - 3x Optical zoom lens
The 3x optical zoom lens is integrated in the camera and remains inside during zooming. One advantage is that the lens does not have to extract when the camera is starting up, so start-up time is reduced. The Olympus Mju 790 SW is ready in approximately one second to take its first picture. Focussing in daylight is reasonable. There is a delay only when you zoom in to the maximum on a distant object and when you then focus on a close-up object without directly zooming out.

Olympus Stylus 790 SW - Very bright LED
The camera has been equipped with a 3x optical zoom lens and to be honest I find that somewhat scarce. Nowadays we find more zoom on compact cameras and not having the use of a real wide angle of 28mm is a real lack. It might have been difficult to apply it technically because of it being an internal zoom lens, but then some more telephoto might have been nice. The focal length is the equivalent to 38-114mm in a 35mm camera, which suffices for portrait photography. The Olympus Mju 790 SW has not been equipped with an AF assist lamp but does offer the possibility of activating a very bright LED which might add to obtaining a correct focus. The disadvantage of this LED is that it might annoy the people you are trying to capture, for it is that bright.

Olympus Mju 790 SW - 2.5 inch LCD monitor
Previous generations, like the Mju 700 had to settle for a low resolution LCD whereas the Olympus Mju 790 SW has been equipped with a 230,000 pixels monitor. And although the 2.5 inch size is not bad, the next challenge for the Olympus designers might be to equip the successor with a 3 inch monitor. Without doubt the current one is excellent and it effortlessly replaces an optical viewfinder. The large viewing angle is very pleasant. It is possible to keep the camera up and below, left as well as right from your viewing angle without having to miss a thing on the monitor. This works excellently in practice and enables photography in difficult angles and positions.

Olympus 790SW - Super Macro mode & Guide function
The Olympus Mju 790 SW lets you frame an object quite precisely. The lens zooms in on an object in 9 steps precisely. When the camera is set to Super Macro mode you can focus at a distance as close as 7cm of an object, which is more than sufficient to capture small objects in full frame.
The control dial on the back of the camera offers a function called Guide. This function supports you with all sorts of useful tips and help and can even change settings for you. Very useful is the preview of four pictures on the monitor showing the direct result of a certain setting. Pity there is no 3-inch monitor available, but putting some effort into it, you can tell the difference between the four pictures. This functionality does make creative photography very comfortable and easy.

Mju 790 SW

Olympus 790 SW digital camera - Scenes modes
Naturally plenty of scenes modes are available on the Mju 790 SW. The SNC settings on the control dial offer direct access to these easy aids. The scenes speak for themselves; you just select one of the scenes similar to the object you're about to capture or the circumstances you're shooting in, and the Mju 790SW will adjust itself optimally for the best result. The Olympus Mju 790 SW is packed with handy automatic functions to enable simple shooting straight away.
Olympus Mju 790 SW Olympus Mju 790 SW
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