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Canon PowerShot G9 Camera review | Conclusion
Canon PowerShot G9 digital compact camera
"We want RAW" we called out simultaneously when the G7 was introduced. And we did get it with the Canon PowerShot G9, including some adjustments that aren't necessarily improvements, since I certainly did not ask for more pixels. Canon did well taking a second look at the hand-fit of the camera. A few small alterations improved it tremendously. Thankfully the designers left the unique operation and shape alone. The Canon G9 does look extremely beautiful and conquers the hearts of many photographers with its traditional looking operation.

Canon PowerShot G9 - Solid digital camera
Was I already satisfied with the G7; looking at the Canon G9, laying here in front of me, my photographer's heart starts beating faster. This feeling also comes from the solidness of the camera. The Canon G9 feels like a solid tool. It may not be the most compact or the lightest camera but the advantages outweigh this factor greatly. Once holding the camera in your hands, you feel the trustworthiness and the camera leaves a solid impression behind. Shooting with the Canon G9 is pleasant as long as you take in account a few caprices. The camera is not the fastest one so I advise you to work calmly. More so if you want to obtain the highest quality pictures. You can enjoy the beautiful monitor and the well thought-out operation although I am still not a real fan of the function button and the menu. This is my personal opinion and you may forget about it immediately!

Canon PowerShot G9 - Image quality
The fact that we are now able to store pictures in RAW is a blessing. Even with it costing more time, the image quality will enhance. You don't need to unpack the bundled software but preferably Photoshop or Lightroom. These programs will let you get the most out of your camera. It is a real pity Canon decided to put more pixels on the sensor of the PowerShot G9. This is one of the causes the image quality is less than expected. You should not use a value higher than ISO 400 and due to the limited dynamic range you have to carefully select the exposure and look at the type of lighting. You will have to use fill-in flash to prevent contrasts which you can now do wireless too with the ST-E2.

Canon G9 for the experienced photographer
Despite the fact that I think the image quality could have been better, the Canon G9 has convinced me. It is simply one of the best compact cameras at this moment, but you have to know very well what you are doing and you have to get used to the camera. The camera is not friends with everybody and an inexperienced photographer will not be able to apply the camera to the fullest. But personally I find it a great camera. A tool to always have on me wherever I go. The Canon G9 camera gives you the old-fashioned feeling of photographing requiring craftsmanship, both during and after capturing the moment. It is a camera for serious photographing and not for taking snapshots.

Canon PowerShot G9 - Excellent compact camera
The Canon PowerShot G9 is not the perfect compact camera but getting close. Maybe the Canon G10 will be it. We would like larger wide angle, less pixels (indeed you read it correctly!), improved RAW support and additional features such as wireless operation. Other than these items not much else has to be altered. For now I am very pleased with the Canon G9 and it's about time to go out again and start photographing with this camera. Are you coming?

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Canon PowerShot G9 | Digital Camera


Canon PowerShot G9
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