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Canon PowerShot G9 Digital camera review | Introduction
Canon PowerShot G9 digital camera review : Sometimes camera manufacturers actually listen to testers and users of digital cameras. In any case Canon did when developing the PowerShot G7. A terrific camera except for one minus; no RAW format was available and especially the photographer wanting a compact camera besides his DSLR was disappointed. But the successor, the Canon PowerShot G9, does offer RAW format making this top compact camera a very interesting one for the demanding and the professional photographer.

Canon PowerShot G9 - 12 Megapixel camera
Adding RAW format is not the only thing Canon has changed on the G9. The Canon G9 is now equipped with a new image sensor with 12 million pixels. The amount of pixels is still increasing while in my opinion the maximum has been reached especially for a small sensor on a digital compact camera. It's rumoured that a 14 Megapixel sensor in a compactcamera is coming up next year! One big difference compared to its predecessor is the large screen on the back of the camera. It is an even larger monitor and of better quality now. Quite an important change as the LCD monitor is an important instrument on a compact camera.

Canon PowerShot G9 vs PowerShot G7
Furthermore some cosmetic changes have been made. The silver had to make room for black which makes the Canon PowerShot G9 even look more classic than the G7. In order to improve the hand-fit Canon changed the design a tiny bit. The change is hardly noticeable but it does do the job. One who likes to use the Canon G9 with external flash, will be happy to hear that the infrared unit; the ST-E2, also works with this camera. Face detection is improved and enhanced with a so-called Face Select and Track function that lets you select and track a face from a group of 35 people.

Canon G9 - 6x optical zoom & Image stabilization
The lens with 6x optical zoom and image stabilization remained untouched. It has a range of 35-210mm and is widely applicable. It's a pity Canon still hasn't equipped the camera with wide angle. The way of operating the camera hasn't changed much. The ISO button on top of the camera lets you adjust the sensitivity almost as if you are used to doing on a traditional one. And if you adjust aperture or shutter time, the familiar scales become visible.

Canon PowerShot G9 review
Despite of not offering RAW shooting, the Canon G7 conquered the hearts of many professional photographers. The question is if adding RAW shooting has made the Canon PowerShot G9 the perfect compact camera for the demanding photographer. We have had the Canon G9 in the office for a while for extensive testing. Our findings can be read in the following Canon PowerShot G9 review.

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Canon PowerShot G9 | Digital Camera

  Canon PowerShot G9
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