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Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS Camera review | Control
It may be clear that for a camera like the Canon IXUS 860 IS ease of use is highly important. You purchase a camera like this because of its ease of use and Canon is well aware of that. The IXUS concept has been developed for the trendy photographer looking for a modern, stylish and easy to use digital camera. The camera should be easy to carry around and preferably fitted with all modern conveniences.
Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS | Digital Camera Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS | Digital Camera
Canon 860 IS - Easy to operate camera
If you turn the camera on for the first time you will soon find out how easy it is to take the first picture. And with this the most important feature of the camera is successful; simplicity. The large screen is perfect and does not leave anything to wish for. The icons offer clear information about which functions are activated and additional information such as shutter speed and aperture is rendered at the bottom of the monitor. This piece of information is always interesting for a photographer but maybe not so much for the consumer taking snapshots. Still, the information offers a good understanding of the type of exposure that is being used in a certain situation, so the photographing skills of someone who is gradually getting more interested in photography are lifted as one is going.

Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS - Face detection
The optical range of 3.8x zoom is the equivalent of 28-105mm on a 35mm camera. A fine range that offers the photographer sufficient possibilities of indoor photography and even landscape capturing. In addition the tele mode is available for portrait photography with added face detection. Intelligent software/hardware will gradually play a more important role in digital cameras. Face detection is only the very first step when we talk about functionality. What to think of recognizing a face when you are looking for a certain person on your memory card? Or what if you want to delete all images with certain people on them without having to scroll through all your pictures? There are numerous possibilities that can be applied that undoubtedly will be integrated in a digital camera as soon as the technique advances.
Canon IXUS 860IS - FUNC button & M-mode
The well-known FUNC button is also found on the Canon IXUS 860 IS. This quick button offers a very handy and fast way of directly changing some important camera settings. The button offers access to some kind of quick menu. The name M-mode might be a bit confusing. It is a setting where you would expect to change the settings of the camera manually but in fact it gives access to enhanced setting possibilities such as white balance, exposure compensation, digital effects (My Colours) and light metering. So M actually stands for an enhanced AUTO (P) mode.

Canon IXUS 860 IS - Optical image stabilizer
Absolutely a surplus value on the Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS camera is the built-in optical image stabilizer. Although the camera is not equipped with a tele lens, it might happen frequently that slow shutter speed is required because of the limited brightness of a compact lens without having to activate the highest ISO value. In those cases the optical image stabilizer (IS) is absolutely a surplus value. The IS function will offer an increased chance of capturing a sharp picture. It may be clear that the Canon 860 IS is an easy camera to work with. An automatic one as it is called but one that does offer capturing all-round objects thanks to its optical range.
Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS
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