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Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS Digital camera review | Introduction
Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS review : Canon decided to introduce their new assortment of digital cameras for the second half of the year in August 2007. A new IXUS was one of the many cameras that got added to the Canon compact camera line; the Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS. There is no stopping the success of the IXUS and Canon know how to continuously and rapidly renew or at least add to the IXUS assortment with improved specifications. The Canon IXUS 860 IS camera is a successor to the IXUS 850 and is more or less a logical upgrade.

Canon 860 IS - 3 inch LCD format monitor
The biggest changes compared to its predecessor are obvious in one glance when you take a look at the rear of the camera. The large 3-inch sized monitor covers approx. 70% of the back. The remaining space is used for positioning the few operating elements available on this camera. Although the larger size of the monitor is an advantage for the user, it went at the cost of the optical viewfinder. Compared with their competitors, Canon stuck with the viewfinder a lot longer than other brands. Over the past few years the optical viewfinder got pushed aside more often until nowadays it plays hardly any role at all. The quality of the monitor and its size are the cause of losing the viewfinder.

Canon IXUS 860 IS - 8 Megapixel resolution
Besides offering a larger monitor, the resolution has been increased to 8 Megapixels and some additional settings have been applied. All in all no spectacular improvements but as mentioned before, a logical upgrade in a continuously developing digital camera market. During my EOS Safari trip to Kenya, where I mainly worked with the new EOS 40D and EOS 1Ds Mark III, I was also given the chance to shoot some pictures with the Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS. The compact size and the solid housing make it a good combination to carry along while on the road.

Canon IXUS 860IS digital camera review
Back in the Netherlands the Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS compact camera was in my possession for a while and I was able to test the camera thoroughly. The most striking features of this model are its 3-inch monitor, an optical image stabilizer, the fast DIGIC III processor and face detection, high ISO of 1600 and an extensive range of special preset scenes. There are sufficient interesting specifications to get curious about the camera and to put time into getting acquainted with it. My experiences with this camera can be read in the following Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS review.

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Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS | Digital Camera

  Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS
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