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HP Photosmart R937 Camera review | Conclusion
HP Photosmart R937 digital compact camera
Every camera should be evaluated with the target-group in mind. For the HP R937 it is the consumer that wants to shoot a good picture without having to adjust a lot of settings and without having to think too much. The Photosmart R937 meets these consumers' needs. On top of that the camera looks beautiful. At least that is what I think. The price is modest and the camera is packed with nice features.

HP Photosmart R937 - Easy to use camera
What is most striking on the R937 is its large touch screen and the limited amount of buttons. It might need getting used to it but beware because it is addictive. Finding your way on the camera is easy and you can start in no-time. A joy for every photographer. The HP R937 works quite fast and you can easily catch an action moment. The restricted zoom, especially in wide angle is a pity. The camera lacks a real wide angle. This might be annoying when you are in Paris for example trying to capture the Eifel tower. On the other hand; the quality of the lens is superb.

HP R937 - White balance & ISO values
HP never stop to surprise me with their excellent auto white balance. They are one of very few manufactures of compact cameras that have the white balance completely under control. This is not the case with noise. Only ISO 100 and 200 deliver useful pictures and even then if it was up to me I would not even use ISO 200 so often. This is a real pity. The more so if you think that the image stabilizer of HP functions by increasing the sensitivity. Noise is the big minus of this camera. Other than that the HP Photosmart R937 delivers fine pictures with beautiful colours and sharpness. Simply good!

HP Photosmart R937 - Edit photos in-camera
And when using the R937 it does not stop after taking pictures. It is possible to edit the captured pictures in-camera and get them ready to send to family and friends. The only thing lacking on board is a transmitter to mail the pictures directly. But who knows.. maybe it will appear on the next HP camera. It would not surprise me. I do hope though HP will offer a heavier battery because the load of the applied battery is gone in no-time. Obviously the large screen has to do with it but we want both; the large screen and a good and heavy battery.

HP Photosmart R937 - Great camera for simple photography
All in all HP once again succeed in surprising us with a nice camera. They just know how to design easy to operate cameras with useful functions without useless ballast. Of course the enhanced photographer will find this camera too simple, but he/she can find his/her thing at other brands. For those who want easy and simple photography it is well-worth looking at the HP assortment. However; before I can be completely enthusiastic, HP should put some time and effort into one issue and that is noise.

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HP Photosmart R937 | Digital Camera


HP Photosmart R937
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