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HP Photosmart R937 Camera review | Adjustments
The HP Photosmart R937 is a real point-n-shoot camera. So it is normal that you can not change many settings. The setting possibilities that are there are clear. One cannot see what exactly happens with shutter speed, aperture and sensitivity at various programme modes although the enhanced photographer will have a fairly good idea about it. Some modes automatically turn off certain settings. For example in theatre mode sensitivity and flash can not be adjusted. The camera selects a high sensitivity value and turns off the flash automatically in order not to ruin the performance. I think these are logical settings.
HP Photosmart R937 | Digital Camera HP Photosmart R937 | Digital Camera
HP Photosmart R937 - ISO ranges
If you want to keep things under control most certainly you will turn the camera on Auto mode. In most cases this mode will deliver a good result. Do not expect too many choices here either. One of the things that you can adjust is the sensitivity. It ranges from ISO 100 up to and including ISO 1600. At HP high sensitivities are used as image stabilizer. This is nonsense of course. Image stabilization means moving lens parts or a moving sensor compensating for camera jitter. At high ISO you will freeze the object but you will also higher the depth of field or decrease the shutter speed. If you want to track an object, you do get a nice movement with the optical image stabilizer. But then again, at high ISO the entire effect is lost.

HP R937 - Noise reduction & Noise
I doubt high ISO values in compact cameras anyway. Usually a compact camera does not perform better at ISO 400. The HP Photosmart R937 is not an exception if any, a negative one. Even at ISO 100 you do not obtain a 100% clean picture. Detail is still alright and noise reduction not that strong yet. If you go to ISO 200 you see the picture changing immediately. Noise increases, detail decreases. You can still use it though. ISO 400 however is the limit unless you plan to decrease the picture for Web use or a small print. A lot of detail is lost due to noise reduction and the noise itself. Higher ISO results in a mess and ISO 1600 delivers an almost useless picture. Every detail is gone and in the shady parts colour noise is dominating. Therefore I would say: use only in emergencies. If you do select theatre mode, you are stuck with ISO 1600. You might not get a blurred picture but if you can hardly recognize the artist then still it is no good. If you select 'sharp picture' in the menu you can never tell which sensitivity the camera will select. The camera chooses for a short time and it might mean that even with a lot of light you will be confronted with the choice for high sensitivity.

HP Photosmart R937 - Automatic white balance
There are a few white balance settings available for various light sources. Manual white balance is lacking. It seems a loss, but I do not expect even one user to create his or her own white balance. In addition the automatic white balance of the HP R937 is extremely good. It is one of HP's strongest points I think. Even in difficult situations the camera delivers correct colours. Well done! It leaves the competitors nowhere. The overall colour reproduction is fine. Not too saturated, just enough. You cannot control this part anyway. Contrast nor sharpness. But that is no problem because they are both perfect. HP has found a good balance. Pictures can be printed or put online straight away.
HP Photosmart R937 - Adaptive lighting
Just like the other HP cameras, the HP Photosmart R937 offers adaptive lighting. It offers obtaining the correct exposure without having to use the flash in situation with high contrast, like in front of a window. The picture will be analysed quickly and locally exposure and contrast will be adjusted. It works really well. It does take time during capturing and you should not leave this option on standard. But do not forget to use this option at times when it is needed because it might save your picture. Do take the dark parts into account, because if they are adjusted and made lighter, noise can appear evidently.

HP R937 - Red eye removal & Animal eyes correction
When you have taken your pictures, you can keep on working with the HP R937. The pictures can be edited in the camera. A well-known function is red-eye removal. In fact, this function makes the red eye reduction function during the use of flash superfluous. You can do it afterwards and still make a snapshot with flash. If you do tend to take pictures of animals frequently, you can also select the 'animal eyes correction' option. This function cares for the reflections of animal eyes. This might seem stupid, but it does work. The touch up function is a remarkable function. You can in-camera get rid of inaccuracies. Just select the area and press on 'correct'. In the camera a clone is made, just like is the case in the touch-up panel of Photoshop. Very simple and useful. And if somebody thinks he/she is a little overweight you can make him/her slimmer with just one click. You do not have to worry about the original written over because the HP Photosmart R937 will always make a copy. Safety before everything. These are nice and useful functions. The only thing that is odd about them is that they are placed in the design gallery of the menu. It would have been better to place them under a separate menu option.

HP Photosmart R937 - Labelling & Sending photos
And if you think you can put the HP R937 aside by then, you are wrong. Not only can you edit the captured pictures inside the camera, you can also label them and get them ready to send. A label and the HP software ensure that the pictures are correctly filed when transferred to a computer. The HP R937 camera offers some standard labels, but you can also create them yourself. Click on 'Photosmart Express' and next on 'Share' and you can put an address to the picture. If you connect your camera to your computer, the software will immediately recognize that a picture contains an mail address and will then create an email to share the picture with the addressee. No need to worry that the email will contain too many MBs. The picture will be sent to an HP server and the addressee will receive a link as to where to get the picture. This means the addressee can pick it up at any moment of his choosing. Of course I have tried this option and my girlfriend received a picture of a delicious chocolate dessert while I was in Lisbon. A kind of misplaced surprise maybe, but funny! Unfortunately the software of HP only works with a computer. Mac users opt out on this function but they can use iPhoto to do pleasant stuff with.
HP Photosmart R937 HP Photosmart R937
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