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HP Photosmart R937 Camera review | Control
HP have to live up to their reputation on the field of user-friendliness. On every presentation, they assure that the user is their focus and not some technician inventing a new thing. The HP Photosmart R937 is, as far as I am concerned, a good example of HP keeping that promise. The enhanced photographer may find this camera too basic but then again; he does not belong to the target-group of this camera. You can directly start with the camera from the box. Aperture, shutter speeds; just forget about them. And if the auto mode does not live up to your expectations, just select a different program and there you go. They carry simple names like: close-up, theatre, landscape or snow, so you know exactly what to expect. And if you are still not sure; click on the question mark top right on your monitor and you will find a comprehensive explanation in your own language. Could it be easier?
HP Photosmart R937 | Digital Camera HP Photosmart R937 | Digital Camera
HP Photosmart R937 - LCD screen
The screen is a joy to work with, so very bright and clear; you would almost get addicted to it. Sharpness is fine, all I noticed was that the picture during capturing is not the same as the result after having captured it. I got the impression at times that a picture would not come out sharp but after pressing the release button a needle-sharp picture appeared on the monitor. More or less the same goes for the exposure. This is a pity. One of the advantages of photographing with an LCD screen is that it enables you to see what is going to be the end-result. At least that is how it should be.
HP R937 - Touch screen display
Still, the touch screen works well. I was rather sceptical; would it really add to the user-friendliness? The answer is undoubtedly yes. Certainly with the target-group in the back of my head. They will no doubt love this way of operating a camera. A big plus for the HP R937. I do not mind that no histogram is available on a camera like this. You can ask yourself if the user has a clue about a histogram anyway. Mind you, I do ask myself sometimes: does an enhanced photographer really know how to use the histogram?

HP Photosmart R937 - Fast digital camera
The HP Photosmart R937 is a reasonably fast digital camera. Focussing is fast enough and the camera's reaction to the release button is fine. Once activated you can take a picture very fast. After all, the only thing that has to happen is that the slide covering the lens has to come down.
HP Photosmart R937 HP Photosmart R937
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