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Digital Camera Specifications

HP Photosmart R937 Camera review | Camera
The HP Photosmart R937 digital compact camera is one of HP's top models. Not only the specifications are proof of this, also the camera's appearance assures that you are dealing with a luxurious model here. Maybe you have to get used to its appearance for it looks somewhat like a hip-flask. I am thrilled with it though, also because of the black colour that gives the camera a very distinguished look. In the beginning you might have to try for the right hand-fit. The camera is symmetrical and there is no handgrip on the camera. Nor is there an optical viewfinder available. But the latter will not be missed since almost every photographer uses the screen for picture-taking. And the screen is dominating with some 3.6 inches. This and the metal housing make the HP R937 not exactly a light-weighted camera. I do not see it as a problem because the weight offers some sort of reliability. No problem to carry the camera in the pocket of your trousers or jacket.
HP Photosmart R937 | Digital Camera HP Photosmart R937 | Digital Camera
HP Photo smart R937 - Operating the camera
The HP R937 has a restricted amount of buttons. There is a switch for record and play mode, the essential main button, a release button, a button to change screen rendering and a zoom button. That is all. It makes operating the camera very clear but it also means that you mainly have to rely on the menu and the screen. A piece of plastic, attached to the camera strap, can be used for operating the camera through the screen which helps you to keep the screen clean.
HP Photosmart R937 - Fujinon camera lens
The only connection on the HP Photosmart R937 is a USB connection. The latter is also used to recharge the battery. Flash pictures can be taken with the built-in flash right above the Fujinon lens. By the way, this is the first time HP mention clearly which brand lens they are using, but it does not mean that all their lenses are of the Fujinon brand. HP want to make clear that they have selected a top brand lens. Fuji have a good reputation and produce lenses for professional cameras also. The zoom range is limited however and a real wide angle is lacking. The widest range of the focal point is 39mm compared to a 35mm camera and you cannot really call it a wide angle.
HP Photosmart R937 HP Photosmart R937
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