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Sony Alpha 700 Camera review | Conclusion
Sony Alpha A700 SLR camera
Sony makes a real statement to the competitor with the Sony Alpha 700 digital SLR camera. Time to do some serious business! Firstly the housing is perfectly finished and the camera has an ideal hand-fit. The somewhat heavier weight is obvious and adds to the stability whilst leaving a solid impression. Looking from an ergonomic point of view, Sony did very well. Here and there I find that some buttons could have been placed a millimeter to the right or left, but that is just my personal opinion. Sony definitely show with this housing what they are capable of and it is promising for Sony's next step; the step towards professional photography. Sony covered the most interesting part of the market with the Alpha 100 and the latest addition the Sony A700; the amateur segment and the enhanced or semipro photographer segment.

Sony A700 - Great 3" LCD monitor
Communication between the A700 camera and the photographer is utterly satisfying. The Sony A700 does not let the photographer down but offers him access to important information in different ways and on many areas in order to capture a perfect picture. The beautiful LCD monitor with its nice high resolution and thus its perfect rendering supports the information wave. It is a joy to work with such a monitor and although Sony are not the only ones to offer this kind of monitor, it is a luxury to be able to work with it on the Sony Alpha 700.

Sony A700 DSLR - Possible improvements
Sometimes odd things happen. A few months ago Live View was not an issue at all, but lately I have come to value this function highly. Well, at least as a nice aid that can play a big role in DSLR photography. You have to have worked with it to appreciate it and I admit; there are differences between one Live View and another, but once used to it, it can be a valuable function. Personally I find it a pity that the Sony DSLR-A700 is not offering Live View. Mind you, this is my personal opinion I am giving here, but perhaps others share my opinion.

Sony Alpha 700 kit - Wide angle lens
The Sony A700 is available in different versions; separate bodies as well as various kit versions. One of the standard Sony A700 kit cameras is the combination of the body with the Sony SAL-16105 DT 16-105mm lens. This lens offers an interesting wide angle and can be used for all-round photography. The quality of this kit lens is fine; just keep in mind that there is some distortion but not more than average for a focal range like this. If you want to make optimum use of the quality you will have to look for other lenses that Sony offer in their assortment.

Sony DSLR-A700 - RAW & JPEG pictures
The image quality delivered by the Sony A700 is excellent and will please the passionate photographer. Remarkable is the difference between RAW and JPEG pictures. For those who will use the Sony A700 purely simple, and leave RAW format for what it is, will not get to see the optimum possible quality of the camera. I think I made my point: shoot in RAW, go to the trouble of sharpening the pictures and converting them to JPEG and you will see the difference. There will always be differences between JPEG and RAW but on the Sony A700 they are too significant to not mention them. Personally I would only use RAW format with the Sony A700.

Sony A700 - Photography on a high quality level
My conclusion after extensively using the Sony DSLR-A700 in practice and testing it thoroughly can be short. Sony's Alpha 700 is a beautiful DSLR and offers the demanding photographer as well as the amateur a perfect tool to practice photography on a high level. The camera is not perfect but if you put some effort in getting to know the camera and making it part of your digital work environment, you will soon find that you have a refined DSLR camera in your hands. If you are looking for a new DSLR or ready to get acquainted with an advanced camera system you definitely ought to put the Sony Alpha 700 on your wish list.

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Sony Alpha A700

"The test photos shot with the Sony Alpha A700 are made in Lago Maggiore in Italy after the press conference of Sony. After attending an interesting workshop I was able to shoot some samples with the new Sony Alpha A700 camera. "

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Sony Alpha 700 | Digital Camera


Sony Alpha 700
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