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Olympus E510 Camera review | Control
The Olympus E-510 is a comprehensive digital SLR camera, with a lot of adjustable settings, although Olympus has still managed to make it a clearly organized camera. The Olympus E-510’s operation is fairly simple, even for less experienced photographers. This is especially due to the display of the settings on the large screen, so that you can easily see what to expect.
Olympus E510 | Digital Camera Olympus E510 | Digital Camera
Olympus E510 digital SLR - Speed
When you turn the camera on, the SSWF activates, and any dust that has collected on the sensor will be removed. As opposed to its predecessor, the Olympus E-510 does not lose much time. But the camera does not turn on instantly. In most cases you will not notice the one second that it needs to start up, and this more than makes up for the amount of time that would otherwise be lost on retouching. However, there is room for improvement in terms of speed. If the Olympus E-510 is in sleep mode, you have to wait about one second before you can start shooting again, and that could happen a bit quicker.

Olympus E-510 - Viewfinder & LCD screen
From my experience with cameras from the FourThirds System, I found the viewfinder generally to be small and dark. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Olympus E-510’s viewfinder is relatively clear and large. You can assess the sharpness fairly well and you no longer look into a black hole. It does not match up to the viewfinder found in the Nikon D80, but it is definitely workable, also due to the extensive information projected on the right side of the viewfinder. There is not a lack of information supplied by the Olympus E-510. On the LCD on the back of the camera you can see the most important settings at a glance. You can display more or less information on the screen, according to your wishes, and the screen can also be turned off. By pressing the OK button, you can also quickly adjust the settings. I noticed that I hardly did anything else, and hardly used the menu. It works nice and quickly.

Olympus E510 - Focus points & Autofocus
One limitation of the Olympus E-510 is the amount of focus points. Just like with the other models, the Olympus E-510 only has three, and they are all pretty much in the centre of the frame. If your subject is found outside the centre, then you have to move the camera to focus on it, but this does nothing for the sharpness of the image, unless you focus manually. Although the viewfinder has improved a lot, it is still tricky.
Another possibility is to use Live View. Then you can easily see the point of focus. Unless you use the ultra wide-angle lens, because then almost everything will appear sharp. If you use autofocus and Live View, then you will see nothing happening at first. Only when you take the picture, will the autofocus activate. The mirror then collapses downwards momentarily so that the AF sensor can do its job. In dark situations an AF light can be activated. The flash needs to fold out for this. Then you get many flashing light pulses, which is everything but subtle.

Olympus Evolt E-510 - 3 frames per second
The Olympus E-510 has a comfortable shutter release. You can easily feel when you are taking the shot. When the photo is taken it is quickly transferred to the memory card. You can easily make a series of photos, although the speed of 3 frames per second is not exactly impressive. You can save seven RAW images in the buffer, which will be enough for most people. I have used the camera for journalistic subjects, where I photograph a lot in a short time span. I was not limited very often by this speed. It definitely will not be a problem if you use the camera under normal circumstances.

Olympus E-510 reflex camera - Ergonomics & Handgrip
In practice. the Olympus E-510 photographs very nicely. Not only because of the features mentioned above, but also because of the camera’s ergonomics. Despite the camera’s small size, it is very easy to handle. The rubber strip is placed in the right positions so that it feels sturdy. The handgrip is just the right thickness, so that you can hold the camera steadily. The Zuiko Digital 7-14mm lens is very large compared to the camera, but still, the balance is not bad. It makes for a good combination. It is a clever piece of work, to combine those two.
Olympus E510 Olympus E510
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