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Samsung NV11 Camera review | Conclusion
Samsung NV11 digital compact camera
The Samsung NV camera series is a luxurious collection of design cameras with which it follows in the footsteps of, for instance, Canon with its IXUS series. The Samsung NV11 is a top model from the series and offers just a little more of everything; there is not only the fully automated operation, but the user (experienced photographer) has also the possibility to be creative by means of the manual setting options. The fine 5x zoom optic range and the excellent design, finished in a metal housing give the Samsung NV11 a distinctive appearance in respect to the mass, and the camera is definitely not inferior to its established competition.

Samsung NV11 camera - ISO range
Nowadays, it’s not directly about the amount of pixels in a compact camera anymore, the amount is too high as it is, or about whether or not the camera has an optical zoom. ISO, image stabilization and the internal image editing software are hot issues. In regards to ISO, with the Samsung NV11 we see an average use of the sensitivity setting going from 80 up to 1600 ISO. Samsung too, has issues with noise in high ISO settings; we will have to live with it for now. The test samples up to 400 ISO look just fine, but at 800 ISO and up, the amount of noise becomes disturbing, a given which seems to be the rule among the compact camera’s rather than an exception.

Samsung NV11 - Stabilization system
Besides the high ISO values, which producers often mention as a solution for movement blurring, is stabilization another subject with which the camera can score. Unfortunately, Samsung does not use optical image stabilization (yet); they use their own stabilization system that mainly contains of a combination of ISO increase and quicker shutter speeds. On the average it can be effective, however, the high ISO will let us pay the toll by the increase of noise, and especially in situations with bad lighting it is prominent. The internal editing software does its best to eliminate the negative effect by means of the noise reduction, which is partly successful, but it’s partly at the cost of sharpness and details. It looks like Samsung can still improve these subjects.

Samsung NV11 - Optical zoom lens
The compact size of the Samsung NV11 invites to take the camera with you daily. The fine zoom range gives the camera an all round appearance, only a pity that Samsung does not start to build up the optical zoom lens from 28mm. From the structure and possibilities within the menu, you’re able to see that the manufacturer is usually not a camera producer. The camera offers many settings, even the possibility to edit the image by means of all kinds of digital effects. Then again, standard post-processing settings like contrast and color saturation are not offered. Opposite to that, we have the possibility completely control the red, green and blue channels, to my opinion this is a bit over the top.

Samsung - Big potency within the digital camera market
Samsung has an entirely own approach and that makes the Samsung NV11 unique in its kind. Samsung has been present on the camera market for some time and shows with the NV-series that they want to be considered as a serious player. The Samsung NV11 is proof of that and has what it takes to demand part of the market share. It will be a bit of perseverance for Samsung to be able to gain a position with the traditional adjusted photographer, but I can understand that the advancement via the youth and particularly in the Asian continent already has begun, with a large choice of Samsung products. Meanwhile, the photographic market has already gotten used to the fact that the camera market no longer consists of the traditional camera manufacturer alone, but that the electronics manufacturer is also part of this.

Samsung NV11 digital camera - Good performances!
I liked the Samsung NV11 in practice. Although I had to get used to the unique way of operation via the touch-buttons and the LCD display, the camera turned out to be convenient in use. The image quality is good and the possibilities are extensive. The beginner can, without a doubt, take the first picture without any problems and for the experienced user it’s a camera to be creative with. The appearance is an excellent piece of design with which Samsung can mingle in the top. The Samsung NV11 performs well and gives a fine picture. Whenever you are looking for a new camera, if it were up to me you can place the Samsung NV11 on your list to compare to others!

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Samsung NV11 | Digital Camera


Samsung NV11
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