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Samsung NV11 Camera review | Adjustments
You can see the Samsung NV11 as a very self-willed camera. Self-willed in its operation and as a concept. With the Samsung NV11, Samsung clearly aims at the group of consumers that is sensitive to design and style, but who also want to work with their creativity and experience. Besides the automatic operation, the camera also offers manual exposure settings. This makes the Samsung NV11 also suitable for the widest group of consumers, the amateur photographers. The green AUTO button on top of the setting dial leaves everything up to the camera; the A/S/M setting offers an entrance to creative photography with aperture- and shutter priority or a completely manual setting. The Samsung NV11 has a shutter priority range of 15 to 1/2000 seconds, depending on the recording mode, and an adjustable aperture of f/2.8 with wide and f/4.4 in tele.
Samsung NV11 | Digital Camera Samsung NV11 | Digital Camera
Samsung NV11 - 5x Optical zoom lens
For a compact camera like the Samsung NV11, a 5x optical zoom lens is clearly not modest. Such a range, 38 - 190mm with a 35mm camera, will be sufficient for most purposes. It’s a pity that Samsung chose to extend tele-range and with that neglected the wide-angle. Samsung announced yet another new series of Samsung NV cameras to be launched soon, during the Samsung NV11 testing period. Nevertheless, in the new series (NV8, NV15 and NV20) there is no 5x optical zoom (3x optical zoom and once more no 28mm), so we can still regard the NV11 as unique. Personally, I would like to see Samsung to use 28mm wide-angle in its NV-series, a valuable focal point and not only for the experienced photographer.

Samsung NV11 - Image quality
The lens in the Samsung NV11 performs well and does not show much distortion. On the average chromatic aberration is hardly, and definitely not disturbingly, present. The color reproduction of the Samsung NV11 is lively and sometimes a bit exaggerated. At longer shutter times a few images lean a little too much towards red. We can also see color cast with artificial light recordings and are only filtered effectively when the white balance is set manually. Something almost every compact camera has and which is surely not insuperable. This is also the case for the dynamic range of the sensor. Especially with images with a lot of contrast, we see the lighter parts get bleached and for this reason detail gets lost immediately.

Samsung NV11 - Fastness of the camera
The Samsung NV11 start up quickly, the camera is activated with a speed of about 1.5 seconds and by that time also the lens has completely come out. When turning the camera off, we have to tolerate about 2 seconds. Who wants to take action photos has the possibility to choose for a fast serial recording. By choosing High Speed in the menu it is possible to photograph the subject with a speed of about 2.5 fps with a maximum of 3 images in the best quality.
Who thinks this is not sufficient, can go to 7 fps with a maximum of 20 recordings. Unfortunately by now, we don’t have 10 Megapixel images, for the resolution decreases drastically to 1024X768 pixels. Although the Samsung NV11 almost certainly will not be purchased as action camera, the camera is reasonably to well capable to capture fast snapshots. All we can ask for now is a high quality ISO.

Samsung NV11 - ISO settings
High resolutions coming from a reasonably small sensor usually have a too high share of noise, especially with high ISO settings. Unfortunately, the trend with compact cameras is high resolution; this is what the marketing department emphasizes on. According to them, this is what the consumers ask for…In everyday life, this is not the case and it would be good if Samsung and the largest part of camera producers would improve the sensor’s quality, and with that the pixel, instead of getting ahead of themselves. True, the Samsung NV11 has the possibility to set up to ISO 1600, but when it comes to quality, it is just not functional. Up to 400 ISO we are satisfied, but above that, the noise becomes annoyingly visible and with that, the Samsung NV11 closes the long line of compact cameras with issues when it comes to high ISO quality.

Samsung NV11 - All-round digital camera
The Samsung NV11 compact camera is an all-round camera with multi-purpose possibilities. With the NV-series cameras, Samsung offers just a little more as with the standard class Samsung camera. The versatility in combination with the all-round qualities and a large optical range of 5x give the user a solid base to practice photography on a high level. With the NV11, Samsung is finally on the right track to the digital SLR camera or an advanced Megazoom camera. This advanced Megazoom model is just the one that Samsung is missing in their assortment. Can we possibly expect an entry-level Samsung DSLR model shortly?
Samsung NV11 Samsung NV11
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