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Digital Camera Specifications

Samsung NV11 Camera review | Control
The specifications of the Samsung NV11, at least on paper, show that the camera is also a good deal for the experienced photographer. And with that, the Samsung NV11 positions itself in a market that is mainly ruled by advanced digital compact cameras like the Canon PowerShot G9 and Nikon Coolpix P5100. After activation, the camera is ready for use in about 1.4 seconds. In this short time, the 5x optical zoom lens slides out and the first picture can be taken. With that, the Samsung NV11 shows that such a large optical range does not have to be at the cost of the start-up time. Turning the camera off takes a bit longer, but nevertheless 2 seconds is reasonably average.
Samsung NV11 | Digital Camera Samsung NV11 | Digital Camera
Samsung NV11 - Touch screen
After activating the camera and choosing from one of the programs on the setting dial, your eye will quickly fall on the back of the camera. At first, the sight of the large series of black buttons is a bit strange; after all, what significance needs to be given to which button? You will quickly discover the wayward and interesting way of operation which Samsung has applied with the Samsung NV11. It really comes down to that you slide your fingers over the buttons, after which one of the pictograms parallel to the button reacts immediately. By pressing this button now, a menu opens, horizontally or vertically, in the extension of the pictogram. By means of the corresponding buttons, placed diagonally on the opposite, it is possible to make a choice from the, just opened, menu. For this unique way of operation you need both hands. After some getting used to, this way of operation proves to be quick and well-organized, an extraordinary property of the Samsung NV11!

Samsung NV11 - Reproduction button
There is one button that differs from the matrix; the round button to the right of the LCD monitor. This button, the reproduction button, offers quick access to the stored images. Who wants to zoom, will come across the wayward, solid feeling, miniature button on the top right. Again, this button differs from the usual, but it works fine. The multi-polar connector on the bottom of the camera, used to communicate with a cradle, is also quite particular. However, you can stick the USB cable into the camera straight away and, among other things, charge the battery with it, by sticking the other end of the cable in a USB-portal. A smart construction combined with a unique design.

Samsung NV11 - ASR stabilization system
Samsung has also thought of stabilizing movements during photographing. Samsung’s stabilization system, ASR (Advanced Shake Reduction) utilizes the option to increase the ISO value and to combine this with a fast shutter release. Unfortunately, because of the ISO increase, this goes hand in hand with a noise increase. For this reason, ASR should not be compared to optical image stabilization; it is only a derivative.
Nevertheless, when looking at its predecessor, the noise in the NV11 is only minimal. By suppressing the noise effectively, the traces become less visible. At the same time, there is a loss of detail and sharpness from suppressing; thus you will have to make concessions. Perhaps it is time for Samsung to switch to the effective optical image stabilization?

Samsung NV11 - Face detection function
Samsung keeps a keen eye on the trend; the Samsung NV11 has been equipped with a so-called face detection function. Although the system is not yet 100% fallible, it still adds a bit of users’ ease to a compact camera that is already simple in operation. Samsung’s face detection system can distinguish up to eight faces. Undoubtedly, we will see improved and more extensive features, but for the moment it is a convenient function for the Samsung NV11 photographer.

Samsung NV11 - PictBridge support
PictBridge is a still a little underrated feature of a digital camera. Could it be because the ratio of printing is fairly small? The PictBridge standard is a convenient way of printer/ camera connection and is a welcome supplement in a, sometimes hard to understand printer surrounding. When the Samsung NV11 is connected to a PictBridge supporting printer, the pictures can be printed directly from the camera. Those who take it a step further can select the amount and size of the prints with the Samsung NV11. The Samsung NV11 offers seven different setting possibilities.

Samsung NV11 digital compact camera
The Samsung NV11 shows us a unique way of operation; and to be honest: I like it! In the beginning it’s a little getting used to; the camera needs to be held just a little different and you will use the LCD monitor more intensively, but in practice, this way of operation is a nice experience. The housing of the Samsung NV11 gives a solid feeling and the compact size is parallel to a bit of quality. Samsung has managed to make this a unique experience with a NV series camera; this makes the Samsung NV11 a unique camera, nice work!
Samsung NV11 Samsung NV11
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