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Samsung NV11 Camera review | Camera
Samsung had a special design team for the NV-series and the results are amazing. The Samsung NV11 has a unique appearance and exudes quality. The housing feels very solid to the touch and is in part made of synthetics and in part of metal. The design concept with the blue ring around the lens differentiates the camera from the mass. The camera is reasonably compact, but does not belong to the most compact and thin digital cameras. The 5x optical zoom lens makes the camera seem just a little bolder. You can take the Samsung NV11 with you in your pocket or in an optional matching cover, which will, at the same time, protect the camera from damage and dirt.
Samsung NV11 | Digital Camera Samsung NV11 | Digital Camera
Samsung NV11 - Schneider Kreuznach Varioplan Zoom lens
When looking at the Samsung NV11 from the front, the first thing I notice is the rather bold size lens. The NV11 has been equipped with a 5x optical zoom lens, which is not built-in like the trend is nowadays, but has been stuck ‘on the camera’ and slides out. The Schneider Kreuznach Varioplan Zoom lens has an average brightness level of f/2.8 at 38mm and f/4.4 when completely zoomed to 190mm. Unfortunately, there is no option to equip the lens with a converter, by means of an adapter, for changing the zoom range. Maybe an option for a next generation NV cameras? To the left of the zoom lens a sensor for the optional remote control has been placed, to the right we find the AF assistance illuminator. A nicely concealed series of holes on the bottom right of the lens functions as the microphone. Very nice is also the small, red LED, an indicator for the self release, which has been placed in the hand grip of the camera.

Samsung NV11 - Handgrip & Tripod connection
Both sides of the Samsung NV11 camera are free of functions. The beautiful round finish is a fine piece of design. Despite its flat design, the Samsung NV11 compact camera has been equipped with a reliable hand grip. The hand grip is slanted a bit through to the front and has been equipped with a rubber strip, which offers the necessary hold. With a compact camera, especially one with a large optical range, stability is a valuable characteristic. Samsung has done its homework. The bottom side of the camera furnishes a universal metal tripod connection, which has been placed all the way in the corner. In the middle of the bottom, a broad USB/AV connection sees to the communication with peripheral equipment. At the bottom of the hand grip of the camera, Samsung built a compartment in which the small Lithium Ion battery and a SD format memory card fit.
Samsung NV11 compact camera - Command dial
On top of the camera, the command dial has been placed, with the main programs on the far end corner. The dial can be turned completely right as well as left, feels nicely firm when turning and switches to every setting with an audible click. Somewhat from the middle of the camera, but still straight above the optical zoom lens, an internal flash has been concealed inside the housing. It flaps up when flash is necessary. The on/off switch is somewhat sunken in the top of the camera and a beautiful blue LED lights it when the camera is activated. The release button lies in the extension of the hand grip and has been positioned well.

Samsung NV11 - 2.7 inch format LCD display
A 2.7-inch size LCD screen takes up most of the back side of the Samsung NV11 camera. A somewhat larger size in respect to the NV10, which has been equipped with a 2.5-inch screen. The resolution of 230.000 pixels is great and you will immediately see this in the reproduction. Striking is the large quantity of black buttons along the bottom and right edges of the monitor. The buttons without any indication are part of a quite particular and unique operation. I will tell you more about this later. Next to the series of 'anonymous' buttons, there is another, horizontally placed, firm button to activate the optical zoom. The back of the Samsung NV11 is somewhat mysterious, a unique characteristic of the camera.
Samsung NV11 Samsung NV11
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