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Ricoh Caplio GX100 Camera review | Camera
When seeing the very compact Ricoh GX100 it is hard to believe that this is the camera with so many unique features. Despite its small measurements, the Ricoh Caplio GX100 has been built very solidly and lies in the hand just fine. It feels like the ideal camera for street photographers. Not too flagrant, solid and a nice wide-angle that will let you get close to the subject.
Ricoh Caplio GX100 | Digital Camera Ricoh Caplio GX100 | Digital Camera
Ricoh Caplio GX100 - Optional converter & lens hood
The lens on the front of the camera is completely hidden when the camera is turned off. When turning the camera on, the lens does not stick out very far, so the chance of any damage is very small. Around the zoom lens is a ring for mounting the optional converter or the lens hood. It is a bit of an odd construction though, for that matter. All the way to the top left there is a small microphone and next to that the auto focus sensor. Below these is a button to remove the ring around the lens, so you can mount the accessories onto the camera. Right above the lens is the built-in flash, which flips up. To the right of the flash you can find the assistance illuminator for the auto focus. The hand grip on the left side of the camera has been furnished with a rubber layer, which gives you a good grip.

Ricoh Caplio GX100 - Mode dial & Main switch
When looking at the camera from above, the mode dial for the different programs is placed all the way to the right. Next to this is the release button, which has a fine pressure point. Just in front of the release button there is a dial on the grip for changing the aperture, among other things. A little more to the left is the main switch. In the middle of the camera is the flash shoe, on which you can also place the plug-in viewfinder. With this viewfinder on the camera you do miss the flash shoe though. Completely to the left we can find the button to flip up the flash, and a programmable function button, together with the eyelet for the camera belt.

Ricoh GX100 - Memory & Battery compartment
When turning the camera upside down, we will see the microphone, a lid that covers the compartment for the memory card and battery and a universal metal tripod connection. On the right side of the Ricoh Caplio GX100 camera we see a flap behind which the connections for USB and the optional external adaptor can be found.
Ricoh GX100 zoom camera - 2.5 inch LCD display
The back of the camera is the spitting image of the one on the GR Digital. It is dominated by a large format 2.5-inch screen. Above this, on the left is a tiny warning light and to the right the switch to choose between the image on the LCD or in the viewfinder. On top to the right is a dial with the indication ADJ; this is used to change the shutter speed. The dial can also be pressed so you can quickly change the exposure compensation, white balance and sensitivity. Optionally you can set an extra function, like the image quality; thus it is a multi-functional button. Completely at the bottom, right of the dial for the exposure programs, a zoom button has been placed. Zooming happens in fixed steps, it's like you change lenses every time. The rubber next to the zoom button gives extra grip to the thumb and this is a well thought-out detail.

Ricoh GX100 digital compact camera - Buttons
The switch for playing back the images has been marked green. You can also switch the camera on with it, without the lens coming out. Four buttons, placed in a circle, take up a central spot. In the middle is the menu/ok button. The top button is used for choosing the different scenes, the bottom one will let you switch to macro. The button on the left ensures quick image reviewing while being in the recording mode and the right button will let you change the flash settings. Lastly, you will find a button for the self timer and recycle bin on the bottom of the camera, and a button to choose between the different screen reproductions.
Ricoh Caplio GX100 Ricoh Caplio GX100
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