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Ricoh Caplio GX100 Digital camera review | Introduction
Ricoh Caplio GX100 digital camera review : Many photographers dream of a compact digital camera with a fine zoom range, including a true wide-angle, one that gives a high resolution and can also store images in RAW. Until recently this remained just a dream. But fortunately there is the opinionated Ricoh, who seems to make the dream come true. With the DIWA Gold Award rewarded GR Digital, Ricoh already has an exceptional camera with a fine wide-angle and RAW support. The Ricoh Caplio GX100 takes it a step further: more wide-angle, more pixels and an optical zoom including image stabilization. What more can a photographer ask for, you would think.

Ricoh GX100 - Wide-angle zoom
The most striking specification of the Ricoh GX100 is the zoom range. It starts at 24mm (35mm equivalent). This is a true wide-angle! Although there are a few other cameras with this kind of wide-angle, the Ricoh Caplio GX100 is rather unique. The tele-range goes up to 72mm, which is reasonable. The focal length is long enough for a head-shoulder portrait, but you will not be able to record the uncommon bird in your yard. If 24mm is not sufficient as wide-angle, you can screw an optional converter lens via an adapter on the camera. This way you will have a wide-angle equivalent to 19mm, amazing! To compensate jitter, the Ricoh Caplio GX100 has been equipped with an optical image stabilizer. With that, Ricoh follows the current trend.

Ricoh Caplio GX100 - 10 Megapixels
The Ricoh GX100 is Ricoh's first digital compact camera that has been equipped with a 10 Megapixel CCD image sensor. With this, the producer now also matches the competition. With ten million pixels you will have more than enough information to print a large picture. Imagine a scenery photographed with the 24mm and printed on A2. Something like that is possible with the Ricoh Caplio GX100.

Ricoh GX100 digital camera - RAW format
While the largest part of camera manufacturers ignores the RAW format in compact cameras, Ricoh upholds this feature. With that, the Ricoh Caplio GX100 becomes an interesting camera for the photographer who wants to have ultimate control over the image. Wisely, Ricoh has chosen not to develop their own RAW format but uses DNG, Adobe's open standard. In theory, it should be possible to open it with most RAW converters. In practice this is a bit more wayward, but with Photoshop and the latest Camera RAW plug-in you will have no problems whatsoever to work with the photos of the Ricoh GX100.

Ricoh Caplio GX100 - Metal casing
The casing of the 10 Megapixel Ricoh Caplio GX100 is compact, even though the wide-angle was tough to design. Ricoh has chosen to use a metal frame, which definitely insures stability. It is one of the few compact cameras that has not been made completely out of synthetics. The accessories also make the Ricoh GX100 unique. Not only the optional wide-angle converter, but also the optional viewfinder is one of a kind. Because there is no space for an optical viewfinder, you have the possibility to purchase a stick-on viewfinder with the Ricoh GX100. You will get an electronic viewfinder image, which is exceptional. In addition, you can turn the viewfinder so you can view the image in an angle.

Ricoh GX100 digital wide-angle camera review
Just like with the GR Digital camera, Ricoh has managed to place another unique digital compact camera on the market with the Caplio GX100. We received the Ricoh Caplio GX100 in our test lab, to explore if the camera truly lives up to the expectations. Our findings can be read in the following Ricoh Caplio GX100 review.

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Ricoh Caplio GX100 | Digital Camera

  Ricoh Caplio GX100
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