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Nikon Coolpix S500 Camera review | Storage and Energy
The Nikon Coolpix S500 camera does not deviate from the path on which the competition abides. The path that leads to Secure Digital and SDHC, since recently. The SD format appears never to have been as popular as with the latest generation of digital cameras. Besides compact cameras, SD also seems to have found its way in the DSLR camera. Besides this, the price of a memory card has decreased to such an extend that the purchase of a high capacity memory card is justified more than sufficiently. The Nikon Coolpix S500 has standard been provided with about 26MB memory. Handy for an emergency; of course by far not covering the 7 Megapixel force. The Nikon Coolpix S500 will need a Secure Digital or a SDHC memory card.
Nikon Coolpix S500 | Digital Camera Nikon Coolpix S500 | Digital Camera
Nikon Coolpix S500 - SD memory card
Therefore, if buying a Nikon S500 camera, it is advised to purchase a flash memory card at the same time. There's an enormous supply of Secure Digital cards. You can choose from several different storage capacities or the speed in which the card can manage to read or write data. In the case of the Nikon Coolpix S500, the speed of the card doesn't matter too much; an average speed will suffice excellently. Since the prices of SD cards have decreased strongly, the advice is a minimum of 512MB, but even better would be to purchase 1GB.

Considering a 512MB memory card capacity:
JPEG - High - 3072 x 2304 pixels -140 pictures
JPEG - Normal - 3072 x 2304 pixels - 280 pictures
JPEG - Wide screen - 3072 x 1728 pixels - 370 pictures
JPEG - Normal - 2592 x 1944 pixels - 390 pictures
JPEG - Normal - 2048 x 1536 pixels - 710 pictures
JPEG - Normal - 1024 x 840 pixels - 2090 pictures
JPEG - Normal - 640 x 480 pixels - 3930 pictures

Video - 640 x 480 pixels - 30fps - 7 min 20 seconds
Video - 320 x 240 pixels - 30fps - 14 min 40 seconds
Video - 320 x 240 pixels - 15fps - 29 min
Video - 160 x 120 pixels - 15fps - 96 min
Nikon Coolpix S500 - USB 2.0 Hi-Speed connection
The advantage of a faster memory card is that transferring the data is also possible with a higher speed, if the computer and the device from which the card is read have been equipped with a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed connection. If this is absent, it is advised to purchase a card reader. This is a handy device that is being connected by means of the USB port, manages to read a card quickly, and get transferred anywhere. The device will be seen as an external hard disk. Another advantage is its economical use of energy.

Nikon Coolpix S500 - 3.7V 740mAh EN-EL10 battery
The Nikon Coolpix S500 uses a very small Lithium Ion battery. The Nikon EN-EL10 has a 3.7V 740mAh capacity and can be charged by an external Nikon MH-63 charger. Charging the battery takes about 100 minutes. After this, the battery should be placed in the bottom of the camera. An optical viewfinder is absent in the Nikon S500 so there are few energy saving possibilities besides the ones that the internal energy management offers. According to standard CIPA measurements, you can take about 180 pictures with a completely charged battery, under ideal circumstances. Those who expect to use the camera for a longer period and does not have the opportunity to charge the battery would be wise to purchase a second Li-Ion battery.
Nikon Coolpix S500 Nikon Coolpix S500
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