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Fujifilm FinePix S7000 Camera review | Storage and Energy
Since the introduction of the xDPicture Card all new Fujifilm digital camera support this new storage medium. Fujifilm is not the only one embracing this small size memory card, Olympus has also turned over his assortment to support the xDPicture Card. Both companies have stand at the cradle of this storage medium which was necessary because the storage medium used at that time, the SmartMedia card, only had a storage capacity of a maximum of 128MB. Nowadays this capacity is not exotic. Theoretically the xDPicture Card can grow to a storage capacity of 8GB. It's not that far yet, at this moment the 512MB xDPicture Card is available, but the expectations are that the 1GB xDPicture card will be a fact at the beginning of 2004.
Fujifilm FinePix S7000 | Digital Camera Fujifilm FinePix S7000 | Digital Camera
The Fujifilm FinePix S7000 is standard delivered with a 16MB memory card which is somewhat disappointing. Well, a 32MB would not be a capacity to cheer about either, but a 16MB is far too low! Someone who goes for the FinePix S7000 has a choice as to which storage medium to use. The S7000 has a double memory slot, not only the xDPicture Card is supported but also the CompactFlash type I and II and the Microdrive. Personally I wouldn't go for a Microdrive anymore. The reliability of the Microdrive took a knock after a few defect ones and it turns out that the Microdrive can be completely damaged after falling from a height of only 50cm on the floor! Even the new Microdrives until 4GB stay vulnerable when dropping or bumping. Personally I dropped a memory card so many times already, slipping out of my fingers or lying around on the desk that I decided never to use a Microdrive again. For those who want to have full use the camera, and I'm referring to the speed in which the camera is handling the images, will have great use from a 64MB or higher xDPicture Card or a fast CompactFlash memory card like the SanDisk Ultra II memory card. These cards are capable of storing a large amount per second.

Considering 256MB storage capacity:

Resolution RAW (4048x3040) 19 images - approximately 13MB
Resolution 12M (4048x3040) 52 images - approximately 4.9MB
Resolution 12M (4048x3040) 105 images - approximately 2.5MB
Resolution 6M (2848x2136) 169 images - approximately 1.5MB
Resolution 3M (2016x1512) 332 images - approximately 760MB
Resolution 2M (4048x3040) 409 images - approximately 630MB
Resolution 1M (4048x3040) 550 images - approximately 470MB

Resolution 640x480 30fps video - approximately 223 seconds
Resolution 320x240 30fps video - 7.3 minutes
The Fujifilm FinePix S7000 gets its energy from standard AA batteries, preferably type NiMH. Four AA Alkaline batteries are delivered, so beside the camera and an extra memory card the user has to buy a good battery charger with an extra set of NiMH batteries. The S7000 is an economical camera and in general Fujifilm has the energy management of her digital cameras under control. One set of NiMH batteries with a capacity of 2100mAh guarantees over 300 images with the LCD monitor on. The times of energy absorbing cameras seems to be over, still we see an improvement on the way cameras handle their energy. In any case a set of NiMH batteries is sufficient to make it through the day and one who travels or is in the situation where it's not possible to recharge the batteries can always carry around an extra set.

The batteries have to be inserted in the large compartment at the bottom of the hand grip. The compartment is covered by a firm lid. The cover opens in a certain way so the camera doesn't have to be removed from the tripod to be able to change the batteries.

The storage is well supported at this camera, both xDPicture cards and CompactFlash can be used. Nor do we complain about the energy management: the S7000 is very economical.
Fujifilm FinePix S7000 Fujifilm FinePix S7000
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