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Fujifilm FinePix S7000 Camera review | Adjustments
The FinePix S7000 is equipped with a fast reacting 6x optical zoom lens. The focal length is the equivalent of 35-210mm to a 35mm camera. Using an optional wide angle converter (WL-FX9) and a ring the focal length can be decreased to 0.79x. This results in the favourite wide angle range of 28mm. One who's looking for a larger telephoto range can use the optional telephoto converter (TL-FX9) with which a focal point enlargement of 1.5x can be reached. This results in a range of 315mm. Beside the fact the camera is equipped with a large optical range the brightness of the lens also plays an important role. The minimum brightness of f2.8 is important when making pictures under difficult light circumstances and enables quick focussing. In case of dim surrounding light, the AF assistant illuminator, situated right above the lens, will give a helping hand to enable setting the correct focus. Activating the camera brings out the zoom lens (3 – 4 cm) which from that point zooms internally. A separate lens cap is delivered with the camera to protect the lens from being damaged. The optical zoom lens is a high quality lens and performs great. The brightness is perfect, in wide angle as well as in telephoto. At the 35mm level we see a small sign of distortion which is quite normal and definitely not disturbing for a 35mm image. The minimum focal range lies in between 10 and 80 cm, which is a fine performance for a camera with a 6x optical zoom lens. Beside this distance the FinePix S7000 is capable of capturing an image at a distance from 1cm. This so-called Super Macro function will open undiscovered worlds for many users who have not yet explored the macro photography. The world of macro photography is fascinating and a complete world in itself! The S7000 enables meeting this interesting branch of photography.
Fujifilm FinePix S7000 | Digital Camera Fujifilm FinePix S7000 | Digital Camera
The resolution of 6 Megapixels, or 6M as Fujifilm puts it, is sufficient to print poster size images or enlargements of a crop. One who wants it all can switch over to a 12M (12 Megapixels) resolution! The 12M of the FinePix S7000 is not equal to the resolution of a 12 Megapixels CCD but may be considered as a surplus value. This higher, interpolated resolution results in higher details. The images stored in JPEG format look fine and the final print is indistinguishable from a "real" one. Under certain circumstances we recognise some noise. The purists amongst us may take the images in RAW format. That way the user can convert the image into JPEG format himself and carry out his or her personal wishes until the desired end result is achieved. The technique of the Super CCD of this camera leads to striking results. Beside the high resolution value, the quality of the video clip is remarkably good. One who has seen a video clip made by a digital photo camera will come to the conclusion that it's a nice function but of a low quality standard. The Fujifilm FinePix S7000 is the exception! The quality is very high, a resolution of 640x480 and an image rate of 30 images per second guarantee a high quality clip which can be played on a big size television screen without any problems.

The ISO values can be automatically decided by the camera in a range from 160 to 800 ISO but can also be set manually (200, 400 and 800 ISO). However when images are stored in RAW format an ISO value of 800 will not be possible. Nor is it possible to make an image in a resolution of 6M or 12M at a value of 800 ISO, the resolution will be set back automatically to 3M. The 200 and 400 ISO images look fine, at 800 ISO some image noise appears, however not too disturbing.

At the back of the camera Fujifilm's famous F-button is situated. Some typical photographic settings are found under this button, like resolution, ISO and FP Color mode. The FP Color mode exists of a default, chrome and b/w setting. The default setting has a moderate contrast and colour saturation. Chrome setting results in a more vivid image with a higher contrast and colour saturation. For example: a deeper green and a bluer sky when taking landscape images. And we have the b/w setting to change the image to black and white.

The camera has a fully automatic exposure function but you will get more out of it using the half automatic functions like aperture and shutter priority. Somewhat clumsy is the fact that shutter priority doesn't give access to the full range of shutter times the S7000 offers. Only after activating the M (Manual) function a shutter time range of 15 seconds and Bulb setting until 1/10.000 second appear. The S (Shutter priority) has a range of 3 seconds to 1/1000 second. Beside these functions the camera offers an amount of pre-set scenes like: Portrait, Sports, Landscape and Night scene. These scenes are added as an extra beside the automatic setting, and the priority lies on the sort of image that is going to be made. The possible exposure settings will be automatically adjusted. The operation of the different ways of exposure is fast and accurate, except for the incomplete shutter range in S mode.
The FinePix S7000 offers three different ways of focussing: Single AF (S-AF), Continue AF (C-AF) and Manual (M-AF). In S-AF mode the camera will automatically focus the object as soon as the release button is pushed halfway down. In C-AF mode the camera will continuously focus whether the release button is pushed down halfway or not. Recommended when capturing moving objects. The C-AF mode also means diminishing the battery capacity rapidly. Beside automatic focus it is also possible to focus manually through the zoom / focus ring after activating the M-AF function. Manual focus is easy. The LCD monitor at the back of the camera shows the object and using a button which has a loupe as a symbol, the centre of the image is showed enlarged, which makes focussing a piece of cake. One who prefers the electronic viewfinder can focus the same way through a smaller monitor. These settings can be found with the small button at the side of the camera.

Beside the choice of the focus method the S7000 has three different AF functions: Area, Centre and Multi auto focus. The most interesting one of these three is the Area-AF. The field shown on the monitor can be changed from position. This function comes in handy when taking pictures with the camera placed on a tripod, during the taking of product images when the composition can't be changed etc.

Another useful function is the info function. The brightness of an image will be displayed in a so-called histogram during the time the image is taken. This way the exposure can be checked on forehand. When over-exposed the amount of pixels in the bright part will be large, so the dividing of the histogram tends to the right. Under-exposure will show a large amount of pixels in the dark parts and the dividing of the histogram will tend to the left. An even exposure will show an even amount of pixels with a peak in the centre. This way of controlling can be watched live when capturing the images but can also be done later on when showing the image on the monitor or through the viewfinder. Beside the histogram, information is shown concerning ISO, FinePix Color, Light metering, White balance, Sharpness and correction of the light range of the flash.

These described settings are amongst the many possibilities the FinePix S7000 offers. The camera is versatile and is capable of handling practically every situation. Fujifilm considers this model as a replacement for the traditional SRL camera and to be honest, I can share their view. Of course a 35mm reflex camera offers a numerous variety of enhancement possibilities but if we take a look at the reality we will notice that most consumers use a body with a standard 28-80 lens, some even a body with a 28-200 lens. These consumers will obtain comparable end results with the S7000 and the switch to a digital camera will lead to a multiplicity of images taken. A digital camera is versatile and the FinePix S7000 may be counted to one of the most versatile ones amongst the digital cameras. Whether it is possibilities, settings or accessories like converters and separate flash, the FinePix S7000 is versatile!
Fujifilm FinePix S7000 Fujifilm FinePix S7000
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