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Fujifilm FinePix S7000 Camera review | Camera
The Fujifilm FinePix S7000 is a digital camera with its own characteristic face. The camera shows directly what it is made for: taking pictures. No ultra modern look or a fashionable design but a solid appearance, completely in black, with the 6x optical zoom lens dominating the looks of this S7000. The pleasant way the camera lies in ones hand is striking straight away at first acquaintance. The hand grip is solid and large which makes it possible to hold the camera in a comfortable way. The right forefinger rests on the release button and has direct access to the flash settings for the built-in flash. The right thumb can find its way blindly to one of the command wheels or both buttons for the optical zoom. Ergonomically the FinePix is a success: the camera fits perfectly in ones hand and the buttons lie well-organised.
Fujifilm FinePix S7000 | Digital Camera Fujifilm FinePix S7000 | Digital Camera
The front of the camera is dominated by the large lens. The 6x optical zoom lens with a focal length of f2.8 at wide angle and f3.1 at telephoto is featuring a focus zoom ring. This ring has a double function; it is used to focus by turning it manually, and it can also be used to zoom in. The ring doesn't turn too smoothly; it offers some resistance so a precise and sharp focus is possible. Right above the optical zoom lens we find an (AF) assistant illuminator, to enable a correct focus under difficult light circumstances. Next to the lens we find a small microphone. At the front of the hand grip at the same level as the release button, a self-timer is placed, which will blink until the image is taken.

The top of the S7000 contains a few important settings. Here we find the famous command dial to set: P (Program), S (Shutter priority), A (Aperture priority) and M (Manual), but also settings like: Continuous shooting, exposure compensation and flash functions, which have their own button, and are therefore directly accessible. The main switch is built around the release button and decides whether the camera has to be set to play or record position. On top of the hand grip, in the far corner, a black command wheel is situated to set shutter time and aperture and also exposure compensation specifications. On top of the optical zoom lens the built-in flash is hiding and pops up when pushing a small button on the side of the camera. And if there is still not enough light from this built-in flash, an external flash can also be connected to the camera.

The visual control centre we find on the back side of the camera. The 1.8 inch LCD monitor is improved compared with the former one at the FinePix S602, and has a resolution of 118.000 pixels in stead of 110.000 on the S602. The electronic viewfinder of the S7000 has been upgraded to a high resolution of 235.000 pixels in stead of the 180.000 pixels on the FinePix S602 camera. The eye shell around the viewfinder is pleasant for people wearing glasses. The electronic viewfinder can be adjusted to the eye-sight of the user by adjusting the eye correction button. On the bottom right at the back of the camera we find a small notch that gives access to the memory compartment that is incorporated in the hand grip.
The side of the camera and the side of the optical zoom lens offer room to the loudspeaker, a switch to decide the way of focussing, a one-touch AF button, an information function to display photographic information, a shift button to use in combination with the other buttons and a Macro button. The notch underneath the loudspeaker leads to the A/V out and the USB 2.0 connection. Underneath the focus switch the connection for the A/C power is placed.

The bottom of the FinePix S7000 features a metal tripod connection. It is placed at the same level as the LCD monitor which is the most logical spot. And it is handy to replace the batteries when the camera is placed on the tripod because the camera doesn't have to be removed first.

The FinePix S7000 is an example of fine workmanship. The appearance hasn't changed too much compared with the FinePix S602. The real improvements and changes will be found in the used techniques inside of the camera. Ergonomically the Fujifilm FinePix S7000 is designed well and it is a good sign the appearance didn't change too much compared to the S602. There were hardly any complaints about the design of the S602 from the introduction and when it was put into practice. The FinePix S7000 is a pleasant camera to work with; it lies stable in the hand, perfectly well balanced. The buttons in general give a noticeable click and can be operated with one fingertip. In short, an ergonomically successful camera!
Fujifilm FinePix S7000 Fujifilm FinePix S7000
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