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Nikon D40x Digital camera review | Introduction
Nikon D40x review : At the introduction of the D40, Nikon did not speak expressively about the subject pixels, for the D40 ‘only' had six million, which seems rather sufficient to me for most applications. It is for this reason surprising that, rather rapidly after the introduction of the D40, Nikon presented the D40x with as the most important change the image sensor. The amount of pixels has grown to ten million, just like with the D80. The Nikon D40x is, however, not the D40's successor, but stands beside it as its big brother. The Nikon D40 recently received the prestigious international DIWA Gold Award, and because the D40x resembles the winning model strongly, the camera makes a very promising start.

Nikon D40x digital SLR - ISO sensitivity
With the upgrade of the image sensor - from 6 to 10 million pixels - also the sensitivity of the sensor has been adapted. This runs now from ISO 100 to up to ISO 3200, the latter is indicated by Hi-1. The lower ISO is a welcome supplement, but in fact also not completely necessary. The ISO 200 quality is already sticking out, but for those who work with studio lighting or in bright sunlight for instance, ISO 100 is essential. Moreover it is now possible for the purists, who strive for the lowest ISO, to choose for this option.

Nikon D40x DSLR - Image speed
Furthermore, Nikon has increased the image speed with the Nikon D40x DSLR camera to three frames per second, whereas the D40 had to settle for 2.5 fps. This, to me, still seems more than enough; how much time will the average Nikon D40x user spend taking serial photographs? Nevertheless, in the context ‘the more the better', we applaud for the speed, in spite of it being minimal. An important new development within the camera is its economical energy character. Where the D40 was already economical, the Nikon D40x has improved once more. Nikon claims that the Nikon D40x can take more than 500 pictures with an entirely charged battery. This is more than enough for an average week of photography.

Nikon D40x - Compact SLR housing
Luckily, the housing of the Nikon D40x SLR is unaltered. It is an extremely compact camera. With the D40x Nikon aims, just like with the D40, at the beginning, but more demanding SLR-user. The Nikon D40x being so compact will definitely convince this user quicker. A SLR still means having to carry a lot, to most people. Nikon proves that this way of thinking is outdated. Especially with the compact standard lens or the new 55-200mm tele lens with VR. Even though the housing is compact, the Nikon D40x has a nice large 2.5-inch LCD display on its back. This display is not only meant to review images, it is also the place to find all information. In just one glance you can see the settings that have been made. Additionally, you can get information about almost everything, so you won't have to bring the manual anymore.

Nikon D40x lenses - Focus engine
In addition to the good properties, the Nikon also brought along a few limitations, like the use of the lenses. On the Nikon D40x digital SLR camera, the automatic focus only works when using lenses with a built-in focus engine, for the focus engine in the camera is missing. This is a matter of cost reduction. On account of Nikon's ample selection, this limitation will not be a problem unless you have much older Nikon lenses, but this group of users is not expected to be very large.

Nikon D40x SLR camera review
In regards to the earlier experiences with the D40 and Nikon's promise of improvements, we have high expectations for the Nikon D40x. We received the Nikon D40x, together with the new 55-200mm f/4-5.6 AF-S VR DX Zoom-Nikkor lens, to our disposition during a longer period for a review. Our findings can be read in the following Nikon D40x review.

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Nikon D40x

"The Nikon D40x has been made according to a concept that has proved itself within a very short space of time. A digital SLR camera with the emphasis on user-friendliness which takes an extremely simple approach to digital photograph, something that used to be too technical for a lot of people. This simple approach plus the intelligent software has made high quality photography possible in a simple way."

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Nikon D40x | Digital Camera

  Nikon D40x
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