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Canon PowerShot A570 IS Camera review | Adjustments
Canon PowerShot digital photography : What I personally find interesting in the PowerShot A-series cameras is the opportunity to progress in digital photography due to the various functions offered, especially by being able to set the shutter speed and the aperture. It is a unique feature of the Canon PowerShot A570 IS, a digital camera in the lowest class. In fact, with this camera Canon practically offers a training programme for those who want to develop their digital photography skills. For the 'point-and-shoot' photographer, the Canon PowerShot A570 IS camera is user-friendly and to the point; for the creative photographer it is possibly the first step towards a DSLR!
Canon PowerShot A570 IS | Digital Camera Canon PowerShot A570 IS | Digital Camera
Canon optical image stabilizer
The Canon PowerShot A570 IS compact camera is the second camera in the A-series that has an optical image stabilizer. You can also deactivate this function via the camera's menu, but I don't see the point in that. The optical image stabilizer (IS) has three positions: continuous, capture only, and Pan. Pan allows you to 'follow' the subject with the camera. In this case, if you deliberately move the camera from left to right or vice versa, only the up and down movement will be corrected. The first position - continuous - activates a continual stabilization which appears on the monitor, which allows you to assess your subject on the monitor before shooting. Lastly, the 'capture only' position only activates IS as you press the shutter release button. During the PMA show in Las Vegas we made test shots at night, for which the optical stabilization was a must. Without stabilization the majority of the shots would simply not have turned out!

Canon AUTO setting and scene selection
On top of the camera is the setup wheel with the most important lighting settings. Next to the green AUTO setting and the scene selections are the symbols P, S, A and M, for the experienced or creative photographer. The thirteen pre-programmed scenes each prioritize a particular kind of shot and ensure carefree photography. This does, however, limit you as a creative photographer, because sometimes you want to photograph against the grain. This is why the P, S, A and M options are there. It is an ideal mix of choices. Very fun and very simple to perform is the panorama mode. Wide subjects are quickly welded together resulting in a splendid panorama. This setting can be performed from left to right and vice versa.

Canon intelligent software functions
Editing images on the camera itself is a recurring feature in compact cameras nowadays. The Canon PowerShot A570 IS can perform diverse, intelligent software functions. For example, you can switch colours in an image by indicating which part of the image you want to change and within no time the image has been adjusted. Once you discover this feature, you will never turn back! Next to still images, you can also make beautiful video recordings with the Canon A570 IS, up to 60 frames per second! Unfortunately this is not possible in VGA (640 x 480), but the images with this speed are recorded in 320 x 240 pixels. These recordings are very good and the speed allows for a fluent recording.

Canon PowerShot A570 IS - Chromatic aberration
Assessing the test shots, we can say that they are exquisite. With minimal distortion in the wide-angle shots, the focus is evenly sharp for the entire focal area, so that the Canon A570 IS achieves excellence overall. This is evident in the macro images, where care needs to be taken to have enough background light because the internal flash is not sufficient to light the entire image, as the distance between the flash and the subject is too short. The Canon PowerShot A570 IS performs well in terms of chromatic aberration. With extreme backlight and contrast, a purple border can be detected, but only if you are looking for it and when it is extremely enlarged.
Canon A570IS - Photography settings
Let it be known, the Canon A570 IS camera is very versatile, not only in the scene selection, but also in the photographic settings such as light metering. Although a standard metering is enough for the average shot, with the Canon A570 IS it is possible to do centre-weighted metering as well as spot metering. Spot metering is especially applicable in situations where a high amount of accuracy is necessary and where the composition is made up of high contrasts. Of course it is up to the photographer to recognize these situations, but after some experience and a lot of practice with the different light meter settings, it will be clear to anyone that the settings will increase in quality according to their values. It will predominantly be the creative and experienced photographer that will actually make use of the selection in the end.

Canon PowerShot A570 - ISO range
The downside to a camera is always the quality and speed of the ISO function. The Canon A570 IS offers a wide range of ISO speeds, from 80-1600. This high ISO speed is no longer an exception for compact cameras, 3200 ISO and 5000 ISO are possibilities nowadays. Image quality ranges from good to excellent up to 400 ISO. At 400 ISO noise is already visible on the screen, but this does not affect the print quality. The print looks really good, which proves again that one cannot judge the quality of an image as it will appear in print by the way in which it appears onscreen. At 800 ISO and certainly 1600 ISO noise becomes a problem, although a shot can be made. But if we compare it with the performance of Fujifilm's Super CCD HR VI, we can see that more is possible. This is an aspect which Canon can improve.

Canon PowerShot Image Quality
If we look at the entire image quality of the Canon A570 IS, we can only be satisfied. The colours are bold and appear natural, with strong saturation now and then. The automatic white balance is not entirely reliable for artificial lighting, which results in a strong yellow cast, but by adjusting the white balance manually, a better result is achieved. For the novice photographer this may be difficult to recognize or deduce, but by getting to know all the possibilities of the FUNC button, you will learn to solve these problems quickly. The images are also richly detailed and have a good dynamic range. The shadows allow for sufficient detail, even in high contrast situations.
Canon PowerShot A570 IS Canon PowerShot A570 IS
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